Assault on 2800


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Totally agree especially if we sleep at night. Beginning of month Bias played out fast after 47/48 breakout. @CarlFutia had a great read July 5: “the complete retracement of Tuesday’s late drop leads me to believe that the ES is now headed up to 2807. Support today is at 2723.”

Today’s predictive chart #EMWS we need a map to see where bots might be targeting 2798/ 2802 next resistance. fast (almost) +100 off July low swingers get paid

Thank you very much Fox. I try and set that culture in our war room and it comes back to me multiplied. some examples dfd. thx everyone, see you tomorrow – DF / ty E and all for posts-G / thanks for everything E – zeek / great posts as usual…ty all, -D / Lead by example #EMWS

3:29 E one of the most challenging things in the world to do is stay focused on buying support in an uptrend and having the patience to get paid by late day not cutting profits short by always trying to guess the top #EMWS

8:48 am E: and 92.25 as next xx resistance high #EMWS swing traders stops up in easy squeezy

HOD 87.75 and 2788.75 next gap missing 1 point #EMWS

the inchworm making shorts squirm time and price say #EMWS day traders all stops up

RT @PivotBoss Please join me @ 3:30p CT for our monthly outlook & #stockpicking session. We’ll talk #futures #stocks #options #bitcoin and I’ll also take requests. LINK: #webinar #pivotboss

Abandon Fear of elevators #EMWS thinking this may help someone today, please pass it on to others if it does . Dont be afraid to be an artist rather than a craftsman

10:5 E 84.5 is the next available upside gap then 88.75 11:04 E head hunters want to take out the 85.25 high #EMWS

don’t need beef, just a bit of fish or chicken every day feeds us

8:57E usually best time for buy is bom and about 5 or 6 stocks seem responsible for most of gains. typical swing in that pattern about 8 day consolidation then fri breakout and momentum matd overnight. high probably not in yet today but tough to chase hit and run all i can say

Trade Logic one step at a time. MATD thinking small #EMWS 1 point away from 2779.75 gap

If long should be paid by 72/75 #EMWS agg support 56.25

RT @HamzeiAnalytics High Performance Speaks for Itself