You will fail.

That is my educated guess after seeing traders come and go for years.

Why? Statistically it seems to be the norm. About 15% make it.

The odds are against you, so the real challenge becomes can you become one of those that wins?

I believe you need an edge or don’t play.  Better to take your time, talents, and resources and use them in some other arena where the odds are more in your favor.

Still here?

Fine, lets move beyond that disclaimer and realistic beginning.


“The system is the solution.” – Michael Gerber, author of the E-myth.


Numerous traders have come into my trading room and noticed a difference. Even those who have attended those $6,000 to $10,000 training programs have commented about the value of what The Emini wizard system offers for a fraction of the cost.


Hey, it’s your money.

The ability to see patterns that recur with enough regularity is the focus of this system.

Buy the low of the zone, cover/ take profits near the highs.

Sell the high of the current zone if you are aggressive and cover into expected support.

Do that once a day and risk only a small portion of those profits on new trades.

Simple? Yes. Easy? …probably not for most, judging by the failure rate in the industry.

Accepting a stop out is hard, if not impossible for many traders.

It’s the key to survival in this dog-eat-dog business.

Look for the upcoming Black Friday Special.

Will you recognize value when you see it?

Target for the top of the pipe is 68.5 gravy above. T2 today 75.5 #FEDup

using the pipe in TMM time frame and the 456 trade plays out #EMWS $ES_F risk reward says sideline for conservative traders now

a day behind schedule, but patience and buying support prevails #target trading $ES_F #kiss trade the swings PFS by FOMC #Fedup

“Fed up” with your trading results? Swing traders from yesterday capturing some profits PFS (paid for sure) by 62 Find the rhythm $ES_F


t1 south side is 41.25 today $ES_F yesterday’s moonshot stole some of today’s range I was thinking

the double at 59 (overnight high) was the key $ES_F #EMWS MATD, contra a winner in consolidation. 60 min in play now as it should be $ES_F

48.75 angel and 60.5 demon beautiful example today of risk reward coming into the red zone during lunch for the contra set up $ES_F

Black Friday Special coming soon $ES_F #EMWS 30 min primary chart a winner in MATD

42/45 zone seemed supportive in MATD environment 30 min chart the big dog #EMWS $ES_F

yesterday’s 15 min cip (chart in play) still key #kiss kings and queens, MATD needs consolidation $ES_F

RT @TheFibDoctor: 11/17/2015 Morning Fibs and Calendar $TF_F $NQ_F $ES_F $YM_F #FF another solid pro, thanks Dave

Big picture: looks like they made TYO 2055 mid the last significant swing $ES_F 456 trade well under way

RT @AnthonyCrudele: Yesterday we had 2 solid TradeSetups in $ES_F $CL_F Watch/Read them here #FF solid pro insights


@ManOverMarket Friday’s high why not. friday’s low marker intact rth good clue boyz would defend market today. op ex. $ES_F