Fade to Black

Support test lower needed

Fade to Black

“We’re soldiers. Soldiers don’t go to hell. It’s war. Soldiers kill other soldiers. We’re in a situation where everyone involved knows the stakes and if you are going to accept those stakes, you’ve got to do certain things. It’s business.”

-Tony Soprano


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11:27 AM Zeek Kudos to E and his system, you are the mad genius who thought all this up

11:27 E Thank you Zeek

Back against the wall

Today’s flush during the afternoon session tested the all important 2738, but came near the must hold support zone from the July 4th zinger.

Last year’s high is 2698.25, and the market needs to sustain price above this level for continuation.

3:10 E  reminder all, june lows, 2698.25 LYH are next support levels 28 get paid if in it, that was our t2

52 next target in case the jerks jerk it up, i cant remember an angel this big, 22 points

The Boyz are protecting their goal line.

Bada Bing.

Uncertainty in Markets

RT Jesus Martin “In my opinion a great article about the falls that sometimes occur in the markets. We need to know how to handle the uncertainty, always preferable that to believe us a lie type “the stock falls by x comment of Trump or by x action of the FED”

Are Market crashes inevitable ?

“Catch Pieces of the Swings”


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4:45 PM XX Was looking for drop ‘n pop today. Got the drop, but, it took all day…and no pop.

5:16 E XXX, 47 low (already off 200 from top) gets 50+ nothing to sneeze at
then we get call it 2800 for 2810 90 point move

then 10 to 65 = 55 point move back to starting line 47 Z pattern so no pop is not really true picture

and take all day ? we need to consolidate and allow moving averages to catch up.
mission accomplished, 2738, then 28/18 gravy look for lower highs and then have better edge.

in 90 point swing, perfect 456 back to 65.5 from the low hope that helps all of u see the perspective

5:26 XXX TY E, much appreciated.