Pay attention to Angels, they help us fly.

Have you noticed that life is often bittersweet? There just aren’t that many one way days.

I was up early Friday, and MATD was there in all its glory, stalling as expected near Thursday’s IB low.

Market structure is always present; whether we can see it or not is another question.

In the wheel of Life, do you believe in Karma?


Friday’s MATD trade was punctuated emphatically by washing out the 82’s and running into the hidden pivot in the 75/76 zone as we anticipated.

I chose 73 as the support target during lunch, as it was potentially available, and even lower for that matter. My expectation was that it would not break, as Shorts had a great two day swing and would want to collect profits by the end of the day.

In git’er done Friday, last short out loses. 82 was violated, 81 now support and shorts most likely done and low in for the day.

Late morning my wife asked me if I would join her to visit and say “Hi” to CJ, a friend in Hospice. We mentally inverted the reason, knowing we were really going to say good bye.

He was an outstanding athlete, a true warrior who brought out the best in others.

ALS was an opponent he would not be able to beat.

Day trading allows us to choose when and where we will do battle; ALS does not.


When I got back to my trading desk, I was emotionally whipped. Normally I can pick up the rhythm immediately and make decisions. I found the keys I wanted, but decided to take a walk and clear my head. Grab a bite for lunch, though I had lost my appetite.

CJ was on my mind.

Made a few posts, decided I would leave the markets alone, and eventually went to the pool to kibitz with the Tribe of friends I have developed.

Pressed the flesh with Deli during an early Saturday Morning walk. Always energetic and upbeat, he was off to do a webinar. Social media may be the buzzwords of the times. Being Old school, for me nothing beats human interaction in the real world.


Still reconciling that irony in today’s virtual world that promises us so much opportunity.

We were awake since 5:59 when the text message came through. I didn’t want to be a downer with Deli, so uncharacteristically I remained silent on that topic. CJ had lived across the street from Deli a number of years ago.

We took a swim, got my laps done, then went to see the car show. Beautiful, exotic cars on display.

Need for Speed

Lunch at The Rusty Bucket, including a margarita, where we raised a salute to CJ.


Then back to the pool, enjoyed some friendship. “What did you talk about?” I was asked.

“I talked he listened. He could hear, but ALS had stripped him of all his dignity. His eyes had been the color of the south Pacific seas; they were reduced to a winter grey. He communicated by blinking once for yes, twice for no.

Did you hear about Kobe’s 60 point game? What a way to go out!
Man, that throw from left field, 105.5 mph nailed him at home plate. Want me to convert it to kph?
Hey, remember when Wilt the Stilt nailed down 100 points in a game?
Your wife Stacy is a trooper, she really loves you and is a keeper. Blink.
If you are hungry, I can go out and catch us some fish in that beautiful lake outside your room.
Want a Peroni? Molson? Blink.

I hugged him good bye, told him I loved him, and we would see him soon. One blink.”

I knew his mind that was trapped inside that crippled body was still active, and he was grinning that infectious smile of his.

Markets have a tendency to move and gap during the middle of the night.

Stacy’s text was just a few brief words. CJ left us around 2:55 a.m., he was taken by the Angels. Thanks for visiting him, it meant a lot to us.

Forget the trolls and insignificant petty people and events in our life, in the bigger picture they are meaningless distractions. Focus on those people we love and who care about us and do the best we can to help each other.

In the long run, it’s not about the fancy cars and the ostentatious display of wealth. What matters most is what kind of character do we have: how many lives have we touched, and who have we helped. Sometimes just being there is enough.

My Girl

As Mr TopStep says:

No stops go untouched.

I would like to add, touch as many people as we can before “Whatugonnado when they come after you?” gets our stops.

Just do it.

The Devil is in the details.

Cryptic spoiler alert: Music appears in my posts as meaningful and symbolic. This I swear is True, it’s never just about Doowop.


We do the best we can with what we’ve got, and that’s all we need to do. Bonus cryptic spoiler: Look at the inscription on the pair of wings. Your on your own with the McLaren.