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Yes, No, Maybe
EwidgetEmini wizard System

Good News. We have received Quality Assurance approval from NinjaTrader and will soon be ready to deliver the finished E-widget indicator. A reminder this is for NinjaTrader 8.

– E

Will this help you be a better trader?

You be the Judge

I hope we can both come out winners after the next few weeks of weighing the evidence. I will continue to assist traders who are studying with me, but perhaps pull the curtain back a bit so you can see just how valuable the Eminiwizard System is.

I wont disclose all our proprietary information, but you will see some of the things we consider important. If nothing else, it may help you a bit even if you decide this isn’t for you.

Let me ask a favor in exchange: Would you consider passing this on to someone else who you think it may help?

Thanks and let’s enjoy the journey.

Will you keep an open mind?

As a trader, that’s a valuable mindset.




What is our “Context” for Range


We just had rollover from June Contracts to September

Larger perspective we are now resolving 2700 to 2800 ideas

Here is a Bonus Chart

This depicts rollover migrated to the September contract. Note the 2811.25 high that was posted Monday morning in our room. We believe that is the Long’s next objective to hurdle. E suggested that risk and reward is the current problem. A few notes from Monday’s session

Be Observant

Awareness is part of the game. #EMWS Time to leave when targets achieve

12:20 E 96.25 as stop zone for shorts if want to try

Target Zone 2691.25 to 93.25. True Target 2794

7:25 E 80.25 to 78 agg zone as targ for shorts and defense for longs #EMWS 9:40 E test for new highs, then chop inchworm / wac a mole style. using 2791.25 to 2793.25 as resistance target 9:56 E True target is 2794 but i think always best to leave wiggle room

Weigh the Evidence


Let’s agree to follow along and discover ways to help each other.

Weigh the Evidence

As the evidence unfolds, the information makes sense or it doesn’t.


Keep records of ideas that jump into your mind. See relationships and use both sides of your brain.

Need Better Results?

Maintain records or our progress in a journal. Identify areas where we see our strengths, and areas in which we could improve.

Bring to light our Blindspots through objective analysis.

From Roy H. Williams January 18 2010

If you knew it was there, they wouldn’t call it a blind spot.

Hidden within your blind spot is your limiting factor, the thing that holds you back and limits your success.

Find your blind spot and stare your limiting factor in the face. Acknowledge the reality of it. Then decide whether or not you want to overcome it.*

That’s right. It’s entirely possible that your blind spot – and within it your limiting factor – is simply an extension of your fundamental worldview.

You may already know your worldview is wrong but you’d rather continue being wrong – and suffer the consequences – than change it.

I can respect that. I have no problem with a person who is willing to pay the price for their self-indulgence. What I can’t respect is:
1. a person who is wrong and can’t admit it.
2. a person who makes a choice and then whines about the price of it.

Best Practices

Reduce it to writing and make it real. This is not a wish list but a “Make it Happen List.”

  • Plans and Goals
  • Rule Based Objective Criteria
  • Lady Luck
  • Accept Stop Outs

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