Make a choice.

Elevate your thinking and improve your game, or remain stuck where you are.

E put on a clinic this week for traders who had never seen him in action before.

Power trend plays, continuation, small contras, range trading and consolidation.

Sequence trading, an evolution of price action, along with the explanation of why.

“I will give you much more than you think I will” E promised. For $50, they witnessed a week of E’s targets being achieved trade after trade.

The R.O.I: Priceless.

Upside down.

E must have his computer upside down.

If you liked shorts this week, your charts have all the moving averages pointing down , right?

Globex: The 20, the 30, the 60, the 120?

The 3 RTH 5, the 10, the 30, the 60?

So we must be heading lower by definition?

If your perception differs, perhaps turning your computer upside down would have agreed more with his.

E’s were pointing up.

The Magic continues, as long as you are able to think clearly and unbiased.

Accept your stop out. Begin anew.


A student of Market Profile commented to E four years ago: “Nobody uses Time based charts or math anymore, they don’t work.”

Skeptics continue to be in denial, but The Eminiwizard System has proven itself in strong trends and in range trading.

The unique blend of trade logic , intuitive thinking, and pattern recognition is a powerful combination that will explode your trade results and bankroll.

Day, swing, or position traders: something here for everyone.


E’s system works, and you will not find a better market analyst or teacher.

“It was valuable to hear you and zeek talk about context at premarket and the open. You’re a great teacher and you’ve done a lot of work.” – Steve S

“Thanks indeed — looking forward to the rest of the month beyond.” – Trey S

” learned so much so far in 4 days that head is spinning ” -G
“agree G..” – SS in Trading room trial October 17 2013

G../S.., best education is in this room -Jg11 (Member) October 17, 2013

Does your trading need a tune-up?

Destiny fulfilled.

Watch as E continues to predict the future.