Base Building

Roy H. Williams

Belief and Faith

Billy Ocean


“When you’re older and wiser a lot of the ego has gone out of the window.”

Tom Peters

“If a window of opportunity appears, don’t pull down the shade.”


“Modesty suggests we better pull down the shade if we are getting undressed.”

Jedi Master Yoda

Try Not. Do or Do not.

There is No Try.

Luke has given up before he has begun by doubting his own abilities and not entrusting himself into the force and the guidance of his master.


At least he is “trying”.  We are in the Big Leagues, The Show.

Trying will get you nowhere unless you learn what works.

“The graveyard of Wall Strreet is littered with the bones of men who were in too soon and out too late.”  -Old -timers maxim.

Today's Theme

Bucket Shop Close

Hound of the Baskervilles

Barking Dogs

Yesterday’s Bucket Shop close and lack of follow through left me with a more neutral expectation regarding Taylor Day 3.

“If shorts have all morning and cannot take out the overnight low, bias switches to long side edge for testing Highs. Not much action below 85.”

“Knowing one market intimately is better than knowing 5 markets superficially.” Taylor Day 3 is suspect. LWH 98


Feb 28

2:48 E law of alternation has held longs at bay today, many expecting repeat of yesterday 2:51 E longs lost their edge 3:38 PM E committed longs who bought today careful seems like choppy close 3:41 E think less bullish 3:55 E not sure if 83 can get busted its late

11:41 E ok if got to 92 trailer up to u for 93+ target 94 maybe. 87 support still range reminder pay day 92/95 boyz got the range right and killed breakout traders this morning 11:58 E neutral, lunch may get breakout since range so small during morning session This chart was premise for morning, and observed lower highs lower lows, and felt key today would be longs defending 82/85 and attempt to get half gap 92.25 and gap close

Morning Plan Range Trade 8:03 E i am guessing 2 way, with bias small for longs primarily because window dressing possible for EOM

7:23 AM E use agg short 88/92 if get beat take stop 7:28 E get your vig idea, 1 or 2 points pre market 8:08 E thinking longs cover a bit ahead of news 8:20 E sideline for news

Bucket Shop Close

A dog on a leash

Weds 1:12 PM E and likely pb gets bought for 95/ 96.5 #EMWS seemed likely target

“Knowing one market intimately

is better than knowing 5 markets superficially.”


The Knife

Three Day Taylor Method


8:27 AM E if we get new low careful of slingshot later, sucker play

12:28 E and 85 support for busting high

12:32 Don I see the more I hang around the room With E and Zeek I notice more about the market

12:32 E good glad u are here

1:12 E and likely pb gets bought for 95/ 96.5

1:45 E lots of shorts got beat thinking pb wont be easy. get 5 to 7 points done well

Today's Theme

Slingshot Trade


Feb 27

1:12 PM E and likely pb gets bought for 95/ 96.5 #EMWS seemed likely target

12:31 E this is program buying hh and hl since end of ib. high goes by eod #EMWS 12:39 should cover if long by the 90/ 91.5 i just think the fix is in

The Boyz sure know how to get back into the late short’s pocket #EMWS program trade 2+ hours from IB low

You don’t even have to be a crooked politician to do well

7:02 E z pattern right now small long is convenient trade for testing 87.5/88 #EMWS seed capital, a warm up 7:19 E if u trade early think small and try for 1 to 2 points. do it several times premarket

10:50 PM E back up 93 breakdown retested. after a shut down like this be disciplined. dont have to trade 11:00 Scott Cleared open orders held it for a bit at the start. For a bunch of crooks, not bad. Heh. YES, bang, right to the 93 and reverse. Nice E

Downtime and a simple meal with my wife. I’m a lucky man Bama

Martin Armstrong

Pension Crisis

It is the same way that Rome collapsed. When the government could no longer afford to pay the army, it began sacking Roman cities that opposed their general. They turned inward and cannibalized their own cities, weakening the entire empire, thereby allowing the barbarians to come through the gates. We have followed the very same mistakes as Rome. This is just how empires always end. We are no different.

How can someone working for the government negotiate their own pension? This entire system is flawed and we are paying the price of civil unrest.


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