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Beating the Odds

Most will Fail

There is now no shortage of traders offering their free advice on how to be a successful trader.

Most will fail.

Probably 85 percent of new traders will go on Tilt and lose their money despite the well-intentioned efforts of the Twitter crowd.

This is not meant to discourage anyone.

Keep trying is the American way.

The same can be said for sports or other life endeavors: Most will find some degree of success, but ultimately lack the right combination to attain the Big Leagues.

Hopefully we will learn valuable lessons along the way, and become better equipped to deal with the many challenges and adversities that lie in our future path.

The Message: Try, but have a Plan B to sustain ourself as we morph into who we are meant to be.

Have an Uncle Point and give ourselves permission to move on. We can always come back and revisit this quest as we gain more capital and experience.


I Want to be a Trader

Plan B

Educated Guesses

11:25 E Target 38/ 41 Not Ruled Out by eod 2:25 E i figured anyways if we got move it would be 230 + wedge intact means shorts can be squeezed but i want to see it start by 3 or else day traders long and position trade will leave 3:09 E stop 42/43 for shorts

Today’s key thought: Expect range day with 37/38 aggressive resistance, monitor prior high 35, half gap 28.5 available. Any re- entry shorts paid for sure 25.5 to 24.5 yesterday high. 18/22 as aggressive support, 22. is directional pivot MATD for range trading

7:30 E market will test 35+ today just because it can

8:40 PM E for now 32/35 resistance 8:41 E month end evidently window dressing, very well orchestrated today by the boyz 8:46 PM E i think we wake up tomorrow and find 30’s hit 8:46 PM Scott same 7:17 AM E trailers for 35+ pfs by 32

8:47 PM E i still prefer pb to 18/22 and will be surprised if we pb more than that. #EMWS keeping 18 aggressive support. MATD says we can try buy pb for testing resistance

A few public videos made today ow.ly/j4DR30oeQNJ Turtle Trap and ow.ly/QkPh30oeQO5 Reversal. Another five were produced real time but private. Its not just about the numbers but the patterns/psychology/risk and reward and timing 26.25/ 28.5 target hit after hours

I thought 12 was being protected ow.ly/bbxU30oeEkt 1:59 E this is squeeze pattern, 12 is key for now little double at lunch

Yesterday’s Journal ow.ly/pv1A30oeAbV reviewing ideas allows intuition to work overnight even while we are snoozing. We suggested longs paid for sure by the 17.25 overnight high to 18

Nicely contained swing for now ow.ly/h5Hb30oepAp #EMWS Boyz got both sides good today. we have 02 to 98 important support for now

Through study and experience the market is really the best teacher. I review my videos, charts, and notes every day. The process shows us what we got right, what we missed. No one else can walk that walk for us. Thanks for reaching out.

Multiple Ways to Learn


Game Time

There a few different ways you an learn from my experience if you are interested.

I apologize for my lask of skill in entertaining the masses with witticisms and F Bombs.

1. Read my tweets for a snap shot view of my thinking.

2. Review the sequence of a few charts.

3. Read my blogs.

4. Watch some videos.

All made freely available to help those who are trying to find their way as a trader.

Additionally, courses and tools may help those who aren’t afraid to spend a few bucks to be coached and learn directly from real time analysis as the market evolves.

Serious students with a higher level of committment can also move up to an investment in The Emini wizard System.

Expect your progress to be in spurts of Aha! Moments and Plateaus of consolidation.

Just like the market moves.




May May Day


The British Parliament has rejected Prime Minister May’s BREXIT plan for a third time. This now leaves them to come up with a plan that Brussels must accept by April 12th or face a hard exit. On top of that, the phone here is melting down with questions about how “hard” is a “hard-landing” going to be from various political sources. Central banks are shifting already to once again stimulate. This is not looking very good, to say the least. Ten years of stimulation has been a complete failure in Europe. We have major political and banking turmoil and financial chaos looking ever more serious for May.

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