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I think OTF Monthly players are the ones we need to watch this afternoon for any expansion #EMWS It’s hard to help people these days without everyone thinking u must have an agenda. I still give free swim lessons to my neighbors kids, pay it forward.

today we dont want to get caught short ahead of news. being conservative and willing to miss deeper lows if they happen right now. 10:57 E 29.75 is angel
timing ends by 1130 or so today make it sooner just because we dont want boyz squeezing up. bad movie seen this before

Well said Awais. Doubters gonna doubt, and there are so many variables to account for anyways like account size, time available, and emotional discipline/ risk tolerance. You are tireless in posting ideas for free as well as having a reasonable subscription.

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“This is why I have been warning a cycle inversion is coming. We may be in that process now starting from November 19th/20th.” With all the craziness on the horizon economically, the government was the one in trouble, not the private sector. That meant we had to undergo a cycle inversion.

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