March Comes in Lyin'

Gap up and Plunge

Roy H. Williams

Feel Good

Bread and Butter

Man Does Not Live By Bread Alone

You won’t starve just eating bread and butter, but it’s what can sustain us while we are looking for some meat.

Muhammad Ali

“If they can make penicillin out of moldy bread, they can sure make something out of you.”

Bread and Butter Trades

We all need a reliable go-to pattern or two. One that we know occurs regularly and one that we can count on to produce a few points for us everyday with minimal risk.

Make a sandwhich by finding Bread and Butter Trades that offer us a few points twice a day and we have elevated trading from a “Hobby” or “Gambling” to a Business.

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March 5

We liked consolidation this morning, expecting range with 82 support and MATD for small hit and run or buy with 82 stop ow.ly/QEnt30nVLfG Yesterday was an outlier and not many old patterns like “key reversal day” have played out recently. Bots get it done fast. inside day

8:23 E need to beat 82/85 shorts 8:46 PM] E MATD first sell works magnet 85.5
11:28 PM E 08 we said was resistance for now 98/02 aggressive resist

Priceless. Skill is the great motivator.


And Reaction


Emini wizard [7:33 AM] current bounce mid is 83.25
today is a another day for caution regain some confidence after stupid move yesterday
i am not convinced sell sell sell

try for a few points no hero
watching 15 globex
same predictive chart as yesterday

Huss [7:58 AM] Good Morning

Emini wizard [7:59 AM] hi huss
gap traders paid
hit and run day
think about our vig
not about how many chips we leave on the table

Today's Theme

Rabid Dog Reversal Day


March 4

Great problem nice solution. Pre-hung also works. square up both halves with 2 x 4 top and bottom shim the middle with spacer, then tip into place and shim bottom and sides, attach plum/ level and remove the 2 x4’s. Great House!

@Tradersmarts #Futures #Market #Trading #StockMarket $ES_F $NQ_F $6E_F $EURUSD #CL_F #OOTT #GC_F #GOLD TS TradePlan has been posted for clients for Tues March 5, 2019. (Monday’s plan for YM below). If you need the #ES_F NQ YM 6E CL GC plans or would like to trial: tradersmarts.net/pricing

20 or so years ahead of their time Bama. I remember a real estate agent of mine gave me that book when it came out. (He was pretty riled up about Y-2k too, so I kind of thought skeptically of the doom and gloom for awhile).

Honor stop loss rule. Stopped clock trade finally works for deep long support bounce

Neckline break / throwback line retested ow.ly/e9ah30nV4GN #EMWS

RT @Pivotboss [WEBINAR] Please join me at 3:30pm CT for our Monthly Market Outlook for March 2019! I’ll cover #stocks #futures #options #swingtrading and more! Join Here: join.me/pivotboss #pivotboss

Emini wizard [3:32 PM] retest 92/95 by eod and then…

Twitter provides me all the entertainment and nightmare material I need, thank u very much Anne-Marie

2:28 E I believe day low is in. 72 now aggressive support

And now back to the markets with a V bounce shaping up that says PFS by retest 87/88 breakdown if trailer long ow.ly/99Yp30nUZxU

ow.ly/Bpfr30nUZkR Since Day one Trump has been under fire. Some Dem’s not only destroying their party but the country I grew up in. We’re not in Kansas anymore Dorothy.

1:10 E stop 64 for buy risk reward awful here for shorts 1:33 E must be paid by 80 if long. must must must


open gap still at 74.25 to 72 NRO

News events require adjusting plans. I thought would be range bound, but violation of 02 triggered lower targets including 95/ 92/ 88/ 82/ 75 retest. Still keeping 18/22 as resistance for now

College not fashionable anymore in Colorado? armstrongeconomics.com/blog/

Nice soft sell all night long after the egregious mystery move out of the starting blocks ow.ly/ILEi30nUx6J

IMHO It’s easier and less risky to buy support in an uptrend. Friday Gap fill gave committed long swing and position traders an opportunity to get on board if they wanted it.

Stay Humble. “No one should know by your behavior whether you won or lost after a game” -Pop ow.ly/WxNa30nUfb4 #valuesofthegame

Sausage Previously known as a goombah friend?

I hope he left thru the backdoor …

Especially helpful when the market moves fast against our posted call. Oops button

It’s the process of weighing the case for both sides that is helpful imho rather than being blatantly biased. That way a violation of a stop indicates we are wrong with our judgment

Acquaintances come and go. True friends transcend time, politics, and distance

Let’s revisit this line 6 months from now and see how it plays out. I have been thinking run stops above it before a significant pullback. Ms market loves to fool the most people, including me

RT @MrTopstep A day in the life of the top real-estate broker in the US, who sold $2.2 billion worth of homes in 2018, wakes up at 5 a.m. every morning, and works out with a personal trainer 3 times a week – http://ow.ly/oh4V30nUhWv

@Bamatrader Are you sure this is not senior citizen early dinner? If I see a piece of chicken…

Coulda woulda shoulda. Stop obsessing about yesterday and enjoy today. One day of trading should never make a difference

Latest Post: Double Dip ow.ly/TfYH30nTEMq #EMWS My journal for Friday’s ramblings. Hindsight is helpful as a review but we still need to play ball on running water. Belief in BOM bias up was helpful with fear and greed ideas

Martin Armstrong

The Calm Before the Chaos?

The German government is coming under great stress for the two biggest banks are not really very healthy at this moment and suitors are foreign – not German…

The bail-in policy was devised because politicians did not want to have to contribute to bank failures they saw as inevitable in Southern Europe. To have foreign banks eying up German banks, the pillar of the EU, somehow strike a deep blow into the political heart of the EU.

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