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The Boyz brought their best game today, and we believed in the Beginning of Month Bias Up: Buy Pullbacks.

Shorts were taken to the cleaners overnight, and the squeeze abruptly terminated a point above our primary target of 2807 soon after the open.

The deep pullback to close the 20 point gap was a surprise. We recognized the possibility of it after the half gap at 2796.75 was closed and 94 broke, as clearly the Generals were in the trade. We chose 85 stop for buying 88 to 92 support zone.  #EMWS Traders were advised to recoup any stop losses as first objective .

I had high confidence in the Z pattern, expecting a minimal retest of 99 to 2802.  I thought there was a high odds probability in a retest of 04 to the demon 2806.25, and even a slim possibility for 2809.75 by EOD.

Expecting a test of 2815 next week, and probably the 2828.25 high gets taken out as well.


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March 1

2:43 PM E thank u i have not ruled out a new high (2809.75) by eod 20% chance Be like Spock; unemotional and think like a Bot

V bounces are hard. A salute to all u traders in the arena. Like AOC, keep trying!

2:47 E 99 agg support 2:43 E 2806.5 is the demon anything above 05 again i think gravy 2:49 Bryan 2807.25 is the news soc 3:30 NHOC is a stretch but my guess is 98 stop for longs

lol how could I have forgotten Darth Vader , one of the sharpest out there

2:24 E now i say to u its proof positive that the Boyz are really scum
04 open rth sideline or trail
2:27 E if u think another plunge now i sell u brooklyn bridge
BOM bias up up and away

1:07 E so today’ direction is up, back to squeezing shorts this afternoon
today’s pp 87, paid for sure by 98 expecting to hit 99.5/00 again by eod. trailing stop at 92 can be moved up now longs #EMWS

Absolutely, and many different styles that should encourage traders to find their own path Awais. Be well. Don’t forget @50 pips. I read great email post by him yesterday, awesome stuff thank u and a refresher . we have stops up at 94/95 retest the breakdown if took the long. may need several entries

i am so far from cool living in Naples FL 🙂

ol yes he does, and thanks Evan. profile a nice confirmation of our work. Many great traders like @BamaTrader, Awais, Tony @TraderSmarts, @FT71, @AnthonyCrudele, @HamzeiAnalytics who constantly share professional ideas for free. Many others too on my radar

Analyzing is somewhat easy, executing is the hard part 85 #EMWS 84.25 Angel support for longs trying the profit taking bounce

9:17 E 07 primary target by EOD #EMWS we had PFS by 07/8 and 2 point stop for anyone shorting. much too conservative about retest targets short side below half gap 96.75 we thought was gift. wrong gap close at 89.25 possible

Emini wizard [10:59 PM] use 2806.25 as resistance, and target 2802.75 Not Ruled Out by open #EMWS

8:31 E 98+ next

8:55 E double top comes first b4 a breakout normally

8:41 E target gap fill 95 overnight

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Three Day Taylor Method

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