Gap and Squeeze

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Profit Taking

Roy H. Williams

Time For A Change

Steve Allen

Head Fakes

“The hair is real – it’s the head that’s a fake.”

Isaac Newton

“Truth is ever to be found in simplicity, and not in the multiplicity and confusion of things.”

Fed Up

Retest SOC 2785.5

We revisit the Scene of the Crime.

2:53 E keep 92 as support if breaks then 88 maybe

4:05 E now if we get my 88 i will be po-ed

BryanS [4:10 PM] great stuff, thanks

Scott [4:20 PM] thanks E! great calls today as usual

I remain humble, trying my best to read the tape.

Today's Theme

Assume 81/82 support for Wac a Mole


Feb 26

3:20 Zeek one tick stop breaker 3:22 MikeM yep shocking 3:37 E agg stop 05 for shorts 3:47 E get to 92 and longs will cry in their beer

6:58 AM E 82 still intact 2 way day, wac a mole need a bigger bounce i think 7:32 E use 87.5 agg support now can hit one or two bounces today but still could be wac a mole 7:34 E low may be in already 10:14 E 02 agg resistance if it gets beat 05 test

Musk read: Armstrong on the Untouchables and Trump adding snakes to the swamp

Elon Musk’s War with the SEC

This man won’t go into a nursing home. He’ll spend his ‘golden age’ at the Holiday Inn… via @USATODAY. Gotta think outside the pine box. I was thinking Maui after seeing my parents go thru this.

Nice chart and symmetry analysis. Markets like to confuse the most traders, so busting those stops immediately above us before retreating also makes sense. Stay flexible and position traders may need several attempts

8:41 PM E 30 min globex says 83.5 important. 82 support, 9:02 E 2785.5 is SOC so we are retesting that baby

2812.5 Big Resistance Hit

The Hunter Becomes the Hunted

3:49 E shorts trail with stop at 02 3:53 Bryan thanks! great day of learning and trading both sides and keeping a level mindset 3:53 E awesome Bryan thats the hard part 3:54 Huss Awesome E

3:54 E the hard part is shrugging off the trades that don’t work 3:55 Huss Same here used to trade only one way Now I’m watching the price action and levels Traded both ways today 3:55 E Great teacher E

Trying my best to help traders who are serious get to the next level

Today's Theme

Squeeze and Reverse


Feb 25

1:25 E target today is half gap 99.5 then good fortune for gap fill 1:30 E market may do the squeeze now on longs 1:31 E so key is 98/99.5 2:40 E so if we break 02/01 probably means market has reversed 2:55 E hoping for small break south

10:13 hit and run i dont like the squeeze trade but acknowledge that is what it is til generals undermine the range and start making lower lows and lower highs
12:30 E maybe can shake out ib longs during lunch or this afternoon target 02/03 test at lunch

09:43 E 10 globex is pushing up for targets 12.5 to 16.25 09:51 E 2814.88 wt 2 i think bots buy IB 10:45 E i think we also get a few reasonable shorts too like 4 to 5 point wac a mole style so i dont want to think huge up just skin a few and wac a mole

RT Deli When people complain about what the market should be doing I SMH..this negativity doesn’t help you, it hurts your judgement. We’re all grinding & working w/what the mkt is showing us-Traders don’t complain about what the market should be doing,We react to what the market is doing

7:19 AM E and upside paid for sure the 08/12 7:22 E continuation above 98 #EMWS

Martin Armstrong


“Are you blind, Mr. Armstrong?
Don’t you see, that wealth equality is going out of hands?
It cannot be, that a 8 people control (Oxfam 2017) as much wealth as 50% of earth’s population and it get’s more extreme each year. All life is one and it is a responsibility of the heart to share. Capitalism has failed as the majority is not benefitting anymore from it.”


“In the land of the Blind, the one-eyed man is King.” – Desiderius Erasmus

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