Grasp repeatable insights.

Only then will we be able to try and implement effective strategies and tactics.


“Seek first to understand, then be understood.” -Steven Covey


I got +17 points. +6. + 3.5

Whatever. You wont ever hear that from me.

My metric is how many people can I help, not bragging about anything.


I admit I am biased.

Fair value: I believe that is what I offer to our traders.

There are many outstanding traders who help traders every day, and here are a few of my favorites.


Magic formulas are a waste of time. Understanding market structure is helpful, as is psychology. In my opinion, intuition is every bit as valuable as trade logic and cold, hard facts.


Timing is everything.

Despite anticipating Friday’s rhythm accurately, my schedule had me distracted and in and out of the office by mid day with several important appointments.

Prior to leaving, I was able to coach Team E with some plays and patterns discovered over the past 22+ years.

Only you can decide if my style of market analysis can help bring your trading to a more advanced level.


Teaching and coaching has been a life long endeavor for me.

Contact me directly at if you wish to discuss your personal roadmap.

Combining teamwork and self-responsibility is a master key to success.

Reviewed $TF with Team E for structure #EMWS

7:19 E: try for testing 65/62 9:10 E: 62 is assumed support until broken #EMWS $ES_F

7:19 E: using 76 as agg resistance #EMWS $ES_F sequence trading is what we do best

longs have not disappointed me 🙂 #EMWS $ES_F wanted 75 test . stops up if long

A few Charts.

The plan came together

Angels and Demons

Friday’s videos. Watch a few to see the sequence and rhythm unfold.

73 Resistance

Premarket Gap play

The Open Bingo

Be Happy 62.5

Experience matters The Professional Edge is available to those with open minds. If you have time to watch only one, this is it.

Rotation “Understanding is necessary before execution.”

75 Destiny Fulfilled

Contra Sequence

Closing Squeeze


We offer coaching and training for beginner to advanced students.

No hype, no nonsense. Just solid repetition of trade dynamics through tape reading.