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We all need a few traders as contra-indicators. You have yours I have mine.

Come to think of it I may be yours!

Why not? We all look at things differently, and even have our own Blind Spots.

One of my favorite follows was taunting shorts last night, in a “me too” fashion, I am long.

(Remember this may be an exception to the 15% rule to follow; pick only a couple who seem to be cocky enough to have a bias to defend.)

Surprising to me is this trader is supposed to be a teacher, an educator helping others.

Not sure how that dynamic works but I try to avoid arguments and simply point out another possible view.

Above all else, we must have our own ideas, leveraged off other smart traders and built into a system as we grow if we wnat to be somewhat consistent.

I felt the odds were best for a pullback, but not for the gap fill.

Timing idea for the bounce that finally took root was lunchtime, after a sell, sell, sell rhythm and done.

Rotations are the key to intraday trading, and it takes some practice to scratch trades and then hang onto a winner with trailers.

When I was B42 in G’s room, I learned a lot about this style of trading. I am thankful he was willing to share his ideas and I never regretted paying him the $200+ per month to learn.

It’s short sighted to expect freebies to be the road to success, but there are some who try to help others. Kudos to you!

Hit and run was our mantra today. Too High to buy and too strong to short.

Do nothing is always an option, but we came up with a few trade logic and common sense ideas.

All that worry over where are we going up pales in comparison to what are we going to do with the cards we have been dealt?

We were +50 overnight, but also +85 in a two day swing and 188 points off last week’s floor.

Simple yes, easy no.

It’s our money, never let a guru decide how to play for you as they have no skin in the game.

Risk and Reward

As my friend Anthony says, execution is the key.

“How did you get there?

Traders who risk 5 to make 1 more are likely have an ego problem.

Late day my internal guidance system, (intuition) flashed target 93.75 . I posted it it for the roomies.

At 92.25 I said dont risk 5 to make 1 more.

You are a knucklehead if you had to hold on for that last point or so.

Catch the meat of the move, then relax.

Bursts of energy, accumulate profits.

hats my style, what’s yours?



11:33:MS 2 : thanks, E. I got one!! lol.
11:36 don : thanks
11:36 MS 2 : thanks E. very good am. thanks all
11:37 John : Thank you E -got a lot today..
11:37 James : Thanks E & Zeek! Awesome as always!!! Common Sense, I like that type of trading.

Recent Ramblings

You have often said “Give it to them when they want it this badly”.

2:51 E if buy, trail for rest 93/95 and above good fortune 3:06 E target 93.75 #EMWS

2:06 E any re entry longs LOD is stop but we dont need to let it get there
set your own risk, bounces have been hit all day long. shorts trailers under 77.25, 76.5 angel this is db test #EMWS low and high for day probably already in #EMWS

1:42 E agg resistance is 93 /95 and key for rest of day. watching for hh and hl or continue making lh and ll #EMWS

1:12 E munched at lunch? paid by 89 , 91 the blue line on ten 1:16 E caught early longs and late shorts and now z pattern clear 1:18 E globex longs trail now for retest 93/95 i like hit and run and pfs by 92/93 #EMWS keep profits if any and spread out trades

Skylar many people use different settings. I prefer to use the EMA’s and then scroll time charts to guess levels that line up with them. note how the 72 support lined up with other ideas like risk and reward and bigger swings

thank u, 10 min globex Sanjay

smart stop from Sing Sing. Have fun. I loved Maui but water a tad cool

7:01 AM E market may want to knock out some chasers 7:10 E maybe market can knock out all overnight longs before bouncing again, that would be a hoot 8:37 E … half gap and gap trade is convenient trade, but dont think we close gap 12: E time for big boyz to buy #EMWS

This game is about risk and reward we thought chasers today needed to be careful #EMWS

8:37 E better oddds buying lower, so cannot just be one way trader today
half gap and gap trade is convenient trade #EMWS OOPS, sorry Charlie. we like shorts on trailers paid by 75 /71.5, below good fortune

Flying Elvis? I guess he was always a bit high back in the day…

Geez, it looks to me like shorts have done almost as well as longs overnight… #EMWS stay nimble today

Best to u as well Fox, have a great day

6:21 PM E stop 2818 for shorts #EMWS in the videos we reminded traders PFS 2812.5 to 2814 gap. nice 2 way action for pajama boys.

6:20 PM E paid for sure by 2812.5 if go in long 6:45 E if short pfs by 02
7:06 E use 98.5 agg stop for longs in trading range 7:45 E … i was thinking shorts need to be paid 02/98.5 always an opportunity. videos were available by 615 with game plan in slack room for #EMWS

Awesome…Near Kaanapali? Air mail it Deli

“Never be afraid to stand up for what’s right.” Hanukkah Sameakh! Remembering my best friend Kenny who taught me what it meant to be a bridge builder.

We were talking with the kids tonight about history in the making regarding the Bush family. Ali suggested this video shows how common values makes a difference #skininthegame these winners overcome political differences and reach out to help others

actually at +45 better odds scalp short before realign with long

Late longs position trade from Monday’s 2625 stop for #EMWS longs

No clue Matt. BOM bias up, so buyers will show up as chasers or bottom fishers . Friday’s late day 48 breakout buyers who didn’t cover will be the players to watch for clues. Anticipate reaction zones and react if playing it. (Bottom Fishers)

50 years later I still have no answer for that great question
(Browns !)

winners know how to win, even in a 4th quarter deficit

Nice read. Greenspan conspicuously absent from the usual suspects. Follow short term timers with street cred like @HamzeiAnalytics and do our own homework or this fellow above is your next job (if lucky)

Hard to say these words… but nice season Bama

According to Armstrong climate BS is like diet fads and bloodletting : Truth is illusory

Norman’s edge was not taking himself too seriously.

Russian Meddling?

You’re never too short Andy as long as your feet touch the floor… Good luck

I think whether SPX opens up or down 25 points 85% of twitter traders will cheer. Follow the other 15% . “Never make it about any one day; there is always opportunity.” #EMWS

Staying above ground is the Major Goal 🙂

Seniors rightfully concerned about this. Don’t forget to factor in AI will be replacing many workers and likely add to the challenge. As supply gets diminished we may even see demand increase similar to bank runs in a crisis. No free lunch

Latest Post: Someday Isle Building my legacy one day at a time, how about you? While the sands of time shift on twitter, my thoughts are being preserved as best I can step by step. Now lets go play

RIP and thank you for your service to our country. Markets also now have a de facto circuit breaker in place after G-20, Just Sayin’

Staying long this weekend by fomo funds behind the curve is like staying short last Friday. No skin in the game, it’s our $$ they are risking. Ciao

The problem is the inmates are running the asylum 😂. Starving here but the ladies are still doing happy hour or two. Just killin time with a few dark and stormies

Little darlin’ , cheers.

Doooooo wop conspicuously Mia

Ditto. I feel punch drunk, like trying to find my way out of IKEA

My wife said this is why our Canadian Friends handle the cold better than we do… It explains a lot, Eh?

Someday Isle latest post and best to all for a nice weekend #EMWS

3:20 E 62.5/ 65 as big resistance #EMWS 🙂 (Now needs to be considered support until broken)

2:31 E target 55/57 NRO by EOD 3:14 stops up if long and strong #EMWS

7:01 Zeek using 25 stop again 27.75 is yesterday’s angel 7:13 E 28 support frames the low pb eod #EMWS 10:41 E good fortune above 48 , 50 t2 more important to protect profits now than worry about additional gains if traded the inside day, can relax

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2:39 PM E … near 89 a winner today

I said that early 88/89 would become pivotal today,

cant learn that in a text book

Do it Yourself

A leader’s job is not to do the work for others, it’s to help others figure out how to do it themselves,

to get things done, and to succeed beyond what they thought possible.

– Simon Sinek

Helping Hands

Remember, if you ever need a helping hand, it’s at the end of your arm, as you get older,
remember you have another hand: The first is to help yourself, the second is to help others.

to get things done, and to succeed beyond what they thought possible.

– Audrey Hepburn

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