Just Sayin'

For the past four weeks E has made his trade ideas in detail available for you to see his style of trading in real time.

It’s not for everyone. Institutions boasting inferior returns looking to play catch-up may want to consider E’s services.

Only you can decide when a change is needed and you are ready to become more profitable.
The versatility of The Emini wizard System was displayed by posting ideas for NQ.

Ideas for overnight traders were posted.

Support and Resistance Targets identified for the E-mini SP in time to be actionable.

Psychology of market movement: “In an uptrend pay attention to support.”

Position, swing, day trade ideas weaved into a pattern.

Using Market Profile, the darling of current traders?


Just plain ol’ tape reading and common sense.

22+ years of experience may have something to do with it.


Inflexible shorts were crucified.

“Waiting to short is losing.”

The current year’s high was tested within one point Friday.

In hindsight, many traders will now boast of their acumen in identifying that target.

Human nature.

E freely admits he doesn’t have a crystal ball. At least E is smart enough to know you don’t need one, you play probabilities based on time, price, psychology, pattern, risk and reward.

This move became more believable and telegraphed at milestones identified by E along the way. The first was at 1802, when the bear was pronounced alive by the TV pundits. After 1831 was recaptured, E said 1831 support now until broken, and each “box” added more credibility as the Undercut low held firm.

Remaining calm and unemotional is like being in the eye of the storm.

Study the winds, note little details most traders overlook.

It will put you in the winner’s camp.

“The trend is your friend…until it ends.”

No evidence of that yet.

Run away from traders who use vague generalities rather than specific, objective, actionable ideas. They don’t know and can’t teach you. Thirty to fifty point range ideas are too broad to be of use for consistent professional traders on a daily trade basis.

Dare to compare. Review the posts by E for the past four weeks. Review the quality and precision accuracy with any guru out there, whether they have 30,000 or 100,000 followers.


Thanks to all the many supporters who have interacted with E providing their posts, comments, retweets.

Original material and commentary is maintained in The Emini wizard System archives for your review.