Election Bounce

Been There , Done That

“Déjà vu is simply remembrance of the future.”

― Wayne Gerard Trotman

Emini wizard [2:10 PM] stops up pfs 2.75 to 03 trailers

Emini wizard [2:17 PM] suggestion take chips if any and go home

longs advised targets achieved. more available, but coming into risk and reward time

Emini wizard [2:24 PM] 2808.25 is T2 today can go any high in squeeze

Emini wizard [2:33 PM] 4’s paid if trail and now use 98 stop not much sense giving that much back in my opinion target07/08 right around the corner 60 + points

Emini wizard [3:58 PM] 2818 is next resistance 2818 to 2818.75
and we talked earleir today about t4 at 2829.25and that is 100 off yest low and i said no way
shows u what I know


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Celebrate one victory before worrying about the next challenge ow.ly/jT3O30mxmUu #EMWS

Time to get Shatner out here to set the Trekkies and political junkies straight again ow.ly/Xklz30mxms1 #EMWS laugh, it’s good for us.

“The report of my death was an exaggeration.” – Mark Twain. The market dislikes uncertainty, and that Bogey has been put to rest for now. #EMWS

3:58 PM E 2818 to 2817.5 is next resistance #EMWS ow.ly/S03K30mxlIZ keep it simple, step by step ow.ly/aoVF30mxlKs Stay humble and grateful for whatever we can do to with the market’s fluctuations

1:00 E 2807 also NRO 1:03 E target 2803 1:59 E 94.25 is a double 2:10 E stops up
pfs 2.75 to 03, trailers #EMWS mission accomplished

Armstrong on Stymie ow.ly/VW3g30mxeUr #EMWS ow.ly/kPKq30mxeVU “A good compromise, a good piece of legislation, is like a good sentence; or a good piece of music. Everybody can recognize it. They say, ‘Huh. It works. It makes sense.” -Barack Obama

Markets offer equal opportunity to those who focus on it ow.ly/nUok30mxdfT hard to believe those who rant over elections and politics are disciplined enough to trade well #EMWS Forget Red and Blue wave and focus on the Green, just like golf

#EMWS Didn’t want to buy the highs but wanted to try to buy pb for trend trade ow.ly/RTEQ30mx9KC Avoid trouble day

6:44 AM E good morning expecting some backing and filling 6:50 AM E stop 2792 for shorts 7:09 E 85 is demon 8:06 E if u played back and fill 76/75 pay day. undoubtedly will leave lots of chips on the table #EMWS

Swing and position traders long side may want to move stops up/ capture something out of this bounce ow.ly/6KGu30mwQNm #EMWS

Tonight’s Post: Echo ow.ly/LBNh30mwEJ7 #EMWS Control what we can and leave the emotions at the door. Red Rally Caps Stay humble

We cant control whether winners are Red, White, or Blue, but we can read the tape ow.ly/g7dR30mwEFu #EMWS

38 Remains aggressive support until broken ow.ly/Ldsa30mwAVf #EMWS

“Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future,

concentrate the mind on the present moment.”

― Buddha

Angels and Demons

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