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Smart post. Jesse Livermore said the same. Take chunks out of the swings, then try to make the case for which team has momentum at the end of the game. Simplest reason for reversal is guessed here #EMWS We trust our system. shortcut go to 25 minutes in

3:54 E this is a retest of the 96 breakdown #EMWS Gap we are using is 2702. Reminder LYH 2698.25

3:42 88/92 as resistance now #EMWS time to say good bye lock it and kudos to the PPT Bravo, good fortune above

Its also important to know where you think majority of traders are wrong. Its not about me, its about the market. The market held IB low 43.5 on retest and we have been bouncing since making higher highs and lows.

2:21 PM E 45/75 range 30 points, so that 60 area important still #EMWS keeping it simple and find ranges to trade, then adjust. Too simple for rocket scientists, but works for me under pressure

3:06 PM E longs have had a great bounce, now we need some profit taking by eod 3:10 E protect profit time #EMWS (Wrong, never happened)

PPT has their best game face on (Right, Yes they did)

I think the battle is to squeeze shorts and key is the original low overnight as agg support. Eod battle coming up #EMWS using 75 to 79.5 half gap possible target as resistance and 82 must hold (It didn’t, so aggressive support for now)

12:28 E dont be surprised if by eod we bust rth high and test 75.25

8:36 AM E i think market will try to get to 75.25 retest 12:28 E dont be surprised if by eod we bust rth high and test 75.25 #EMWS 2:00 PM yes and target 72/ 75.5 nro

Step by Step , keeping it simple as the dynamic pivots get established #EMWS

1:07 E If short trailers for 52 #EMWS gotta break that 49.75 all over again, showin’ some respect

Relief rally on time… advised longs on trailers paid by rth 2661.25 demon. Taking out RTH high NRO in squeeze before EOD #EMWS low may be in for day

When the primary trade ends, last to leave loses. Advised longs to get paid by 42 and for sure by 49.75 #EMWS

advised shorts cover 2628.5 gap to 2622 #EMWS “longs will get stopped out 5 x before right once” Step by step. Hitting bounces til stops working T2 2618 support for make sure paid idea

9:07 E paid into 55/58 again for sure #EMWS

No need to prove anything today, find the zones and trade the dynamic pivots the markets give us #EMWS stay focused and play well

5:38 E 65/68 agg resist , I was thinking should be paid if long by that area #EMWS

Pajama Boyz taking profits #EMWS

5:33 AM E stops down at 52 risk reward time now #EMWS

5:26 AM E nq undercut its first low monitor that #EMWS

11:50 PM E under 62.5/62 and next targ 58 and make sure paid 58/55… #EMWS

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8:45 E descending triangle get on the scoreboard, trailers are hailers
9:41 PM E market may dump again next ten minutes, if not trying to stabilize here
resistance 2682 #EMWS feel the rhythm and trade the range

Awesome. Now if that were a Bull it would be even better symbolic hope for stock traders watching the futures plunge tonight. Sleepless in CT

Always opportunity descending triangle for now. advised shorts on trailers paid 62/58 first pullbacks can usually be sold, right? #EMWS pattern has been clear without all the noise of spaghetti charts and opinions

Quick video review of trade ideas E-widget quickly helps bring levels and clarity to this uncertain and treacherous open. Sidelines for all but the most sophisticated and experienced traders willing to assume some risk for some reward #EMWS

I said we needed a circuit breaker Wednesday, even that didn’t help #EMWS

Longs paid by 92 resistance for first bounce #EMWS

Latest Post: Recency Bias #EMWS Better to have one contract going in the right direction than 5 as wrong way Charlie.

2:48 E should be pfs longs by 32, don’t forget importance of 98 battle. will post later #EMWS Rotations are important for day trade ideas. Intra day Trend traders usually look to try hitting one last bounce

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Reversal of Fortune

A reversal is just anything that’s a surprise.

It’s a way of keeping the audience interested.

– Tony Gilroy

5:23 AM E will get a crazy bounce sometime

drop trade try one more time

– E

James [4:16 PM]

What a day in the market.

Thanks for your ideas as you whispered to the markets, E & Zeek.

Appreciate the help, awesome room as always!!! Santa may not done yet;

tire may be fixed…go Rudolph

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