Find the rhythm.

Timing charts help.


The Emini wizard system was on fire today.

Plays, patterns, swings were in harmony.


Still believe in random walks?

Not me.


A few of the day’s videos and notes.

Baby, we can talk all night, but that aint gettin us nowhere

The now banana republic of USA has a new production team for all its reports

I feel like we are rats in a conditioned lab experiment. #buythedip #EMWS $ES_F

E TV deja vu all over again #EMWS $ES_F premarket news

who’s ready for the first tee? 🙂 git ‘er done

globex angel 68.5 advised shorts cover #EMWS $ES_F 2 way day plays out already

slip slidin’ away in the Op ex shuffle #EMWS Simon Says u may take 1 step back $ES_F summer camp

sliders done at the 62.25 gap and time for dancin in the street #EMWS $ES_F

E TV fade 75/76.5 resistance targets #EMWS targ 68.5 $ES_F Bingo

E TV In the zone #EMWS $ES_F cover longs 67.25 to 69

slip slidin away nice ooops today in op ex #EMWS $ES_F

Team E in the zone #EMWS $ES_F zeek is smart trader

today’s volatility made up for yesterday’s games. using 62/63 as agg support #EMWS $ES_F angel 62

find the rhythm and rock and roll Angel is the centerfold. IB low retest 🙂 #EMWS $ES_F

RT @TraderSmarts: Every day is a good day to manage your risk well. Today is no exception. // words of wisdom from a Smart trader #EMWS

cautioned about over trading now. hi and low likely in for day #EMWS NQ 50 point swing looked good for profit taking

rhythm is all around us… shake and bake just an old fashioned love song #EMWS $ES_F

11:55:55 am E: battle 71/63 #EMWS $ES_F / cover longs by 71. trail only up 2 u

E TV tellin it like it is #EMWS $ES_F

E TV done by 71 in shake and bake #EMWS $ES_F nothin’ better than tradin’ in the zone

It happens… dip dip dip dip #EMWS $ES_F rhythm

#kiss E TV the system is the solution. #EMWS $ES_F as good as it gets


yesterday’s videos are available, but the day was so boring, why suffer through that again?


Busy today, but didn’t forget about Martha…