The rest of the cows came home today

Dead Cat Bounce retests its breakout

Rambings of a few Delusional Traders

Looking good Deli. Actually Aquarius went on Broadway in 1968 sonny. Let The Sunshine in… Flaunt it if you’ve got it. Perfect set up for Woodstock. Go for it, love your ambition

2:35 E maybe one more short today 78/82 resistance as important to hold 3:05 E angel 63 #EMWS 3:25 E gamblers your turn

Re auctioning that fast up move from Tuesday. Charlie didn’t get the memo from the Fed 1:53 E take stop outs try one more time we get snaps from thse type days
55.25 zeek’s xx support level so dont get too cute shorts #EMWS rul w of thumb, allow for profit taking bounces

1:02 E this is a typical Fed up pattern move up into news then sell 1:04 E draw channel tops and bottoms BTFD buyers a bit too complacent today 12:30 Zeek I think lod not in I will hit bounces for now 2753 is target 1:14 Zeek target is 58-57 #EMWS

1:13 E stops down u know me 65/62.5 would complete a very nice day #EMWS

Re entry shorts advised trail below 72 for new lows #EMWS 62.75 if get lucky

11:52 E s2 67.5 lunch bounce 62 support #EMWS
12:29 E thinking this is retest of the 83.25 break so if bought for profit taking makes sense to be paid 83/85

11:17 Zeek 2770 target #EMWS 11:45 E paid by 75 for sure. conservative here

11:31 E target any day low, but must be stops down by 85/82 so i say hug the dog and wife at 88 at 82 hug neighbor dog and neighbor wife #EMWS

10:30 E i like short side, just think we have to suffer bounces 10:32 E 09 half gap as resistance #EMWS 10:53 Zeek NQ much weaker than ES do we catch down? 11:21 E 88 target for trailers

RT @NTEcosystem

10:12 E 5 rth we are ahead of ourselves 10:21 E based on mas this bounce makes more sense 10:29 E shorts be careful we need more time i think #EMWS

10:00 AM E re entry shorts looking for 88/92, 90.25 the key really #EMWS keep it simple, singles and doubles add up

7:57 E angel is 1.5 8:06 E stop 98 for buy, thinking shorts will cover ahead of news
8:18 E get 05 to 6.25 be happy #EMWS this is example of a common sense timing trade


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6:55 AM E most likely bear flag being built

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