Today was a narrow range day as expected.

We thought the natural box was from 55 to 52 support, and 48 the coonservative support.

The 67 gap fill was our potential upside target, with 68 chosen as day’s resistance.

The disappointing range was a bit frustrating after yesterday’s gyrations, but to be expected as Bigger players sort things out.

Half gap and gap trade for the 58.75 target were best short ideas today, and buys with 58 support worked great early in the day.

Keeping it simple.


—– Today October 26th, 2017 —–
Mike M [7:45 AM] gm

Renato Santos [7:46 AM] GM

Zeek Snodgrass [8:15 AM ]gm

[8:16] 58.75 gap and 67 gap xxx[8:16] 62.88[8:18] 62.88 also the GCF until xxx[8:19] xxx done[8:19]  xxxxx[8:21] Looks like Yellin out of running for Fed Chair. Taylor and Powell are the finalists[8:21] I give Taylor the edge[8:22] we need someone who will breakup the large banks[8:22] I think Super Mario presser at 8:30

Mike M [8:23 AM] yep

Zeek Snodgrass [8:25 AM] end of month up bias may start today

[8:25] there are few days in the month left for the bears to have an edge[8:26] fxxxx[8:26] second week we probably get Fed speak up[8:27] I also think pigs fly second week of the month[8:27] there is absolutely nothing reasonable about how the market operates[8:27] ZOMBIE marching

Mike M [8:28 AM] amazon google msft intel and others report today after close as well

Zeek Snodgrass [8:34 AM] thanks Mike

[8:35] fwiw central banks are going to withdraw $1 trillion in stimulus[8:35] in 2018[8:36]  which central bank will be the old maid in the race to the bottom[8:36] my guess is Japan[8:36] China is my guess for the catalyst to the next financial crisis[8:38] bbi 10

Mike M [8:41 AM] (128kB)

eminiwizard [9:06 AM] good morning

[9:06] contractor was supposed to come tomorrow[9:07] here today[9:07] will be awkward at best since they are working near me[9:07] materials banging, etc[9:07] may even lose power at some point[9:07] will post here and there[9:08] maybe 4xxxx as next[9:09] yesterday we held that 48 then 51[9:09] soxx to begin[9:10] xxxxxx[9:11] no zoom for now[9:11] just too awkward

Mike M [9:12 AM] ty e

Renato Santos [9:13 AM] Thanks E.

[9:14] I like the posts here, we can always check later if we miss anything.[9:14] on Zoom if we get disconnected and lose the previous chat.[9:14] *we lose

eminiwizard[9:15 AM] we do a fast five on zoom then close

Zeek Snodgrass [9:30 AM] 65.5 yest half gap as a completion target

[9:31] 60.25 half gap

Zeek Snodgrass [9:38 AM] pending home sales at 10am

Zeek Snodgrass [9:50 AM] xxx and yest rth open

eminiwizard [9:54 AM] (29kB)

eminiwizard [10:03 AM] 9:31] 60.25 half gap [10:03] zeek posted

Renato Santos [10:03 AM] perfect +3

eminiwizard [10:03 AM] still making hh and hl

Mike M [10:04 AM] you mean as a buy or as target rena

eminiwizard [10:04 AM] until low of day goes

[10:04] we are in bullish mode

Mike M [10:04 AM] y

eminiwizard [10:04 AM] neutral i assume

[10:07] paid by the gap[10:07] like 59.5[10:07] xxx[10:08] 60 is day mid[10:09] trail  only past 59.5[10:09] xx[10:09 big boy bingo[10:09]xxxx

Zeek Snodgrass [10:10 AM] nq new lows for today

eminiwizard [10:10 AM] y

Renato Santos [10:13 AM] Long 2560.25, Mike, +3

Mike M [10:14 AM] 54.75 was xxxx

[10:14] ok rena i’m usually using that as a target to trade into the half gap

eminiwizard [10:16 AM] love the 58 retest

eminiwizard [10:21 AM] using xxxxx

[10:21]xxxxx[10:21] xxxxxxx[10:21] trailer to bust low[10:22] only for agg traders[10:22] timing[10:22] end of hour nearby[10:26] (28kB)[10:30] 60 mid day mid week

eminiwizard [10:37 AM] 10:21]xxxx

[10:37] done[10:37] both ways

eminiwizard [10:42 AM] (130kB)

5 rth

eminiwizard [10:49 AM] 63 demon

[10:49] xxxx[10:52] 56/57 suppor forxxxxx[10:52] shorts need to undermine that 57 or uh-oh

eminiwizard [11:01 AM] paid by 66.25 high from yest

eminiwizard [11:12 AM] 64.75 is yest demon

[11:12] stalled there[11:12] hit and run day

eminiwizard [11:18 AM] anyone at 58 pfs if hitting bounces

[11:19] neutral still

eminiwizard [11:29 AM] (24kB)

[11:29] 5 min[11:30] using xxxxx[11:32] consolidating the push higher[11:32] but seems protected xxxxx

eminiwizard [11:54 AM] primary done

eminiwizard [12:04 PM] (113kB)

[12:04] neutral

Zeek Snodgrass [12:39 PM] Happy Lunch

[12:39] Yankees basically fired Girarrdi today

eminiwizard [12:40 PM] 10 years at helm

Zeek Snodgrass [12:40 PM] yes

[12:40] Makes no sense[12:40] one game from WS[12:40] players played for him[12:41] I hate to say this, but Cashmen should have been the one to go[12:41] comes down to people vs bots (analystics)[12:41] humans lost again

eminiwizard [12:42 PM] gm has the say in these things

Zeek Snodgrass [12:42 PM] true

[12:42] I will just become a Red Sox fan[12:43] I have a notion they will hire Girarrrdi[12:43] He will get a lot more out of their pitching

eminiwizard [12:43 PM] interesting idea

Zeek Snodgrass [12:43 PM] Get David Price right again

[12:44] He is a former catcher and has done an excellent job with his bullpen and starters[12:44] FWIW Chapman will be lights out in 2018[12:45] 2017 was theh hangover from being misused in Chicago[12:45] low being tested

eminiwizard [12:49 PM] i like knock out low but hasnt happened yet

Zeek Snodgrass [12:51 PM] see if they try after 1pm

eminiwizard [12:54 PM] YouTube Eminiwizard Mid day update

eminiwizard [1:10 PM] pre market video for your review

Mike M [1:19 PM] that link is not working for me E

eminiwizard [2:22 PM] thanks mike

[2:22] make sure i have your gmail[2:22] i will add it if not there

Mike M [2:25 PM] ok thought so but will email from my gmail thanks

eminiwizard [2:29 PM] great

[2:29] you are in there[2:29] just checked[2:30]

Mike M [2:31 PM] ah ok it’s using a different email, i got it thanks

Zeek Snodgrass [2:38 PM] dfd

eminiwizard [2:39 PM] thanks z

[2:39] still xxxxx

Zeek Snodgrass [2:40 PM] paint will dry around 3pm

eminiwizard [2:40 PM] lol

[2:40] sheetrock almost in here[2:40] making another bedroom in daughter’s home

eminiwizard [2:53 PM] trail only if short below 59.5

[2:53] in case continues hlow pattern

eminiwizard [3:11 PM] doji test 58.75

tradingsimon [3:27 PM] << late to party

[3:27] Who won, last 30 mins contra is what?[3:28] neutral? just looking[3:28] spent day above but kept being pushed down to yesy close

Mike M [3:32 PM] have to run

[3:32] thanks E see you all tomorrow

eminiwizard [3:32 PM] ok bye now

[3:33] simon this is neutral[3:33] xxx pivot 58

tradingsimon [3:37 PM] cheers, school holidays here so small positions and bigger stops

[3:37] how did your stuff go with the hurricane recovery?

eminiwizard [3:38 PM] db 57.25

[3:38] not figured out yet simon[3:38] still dealing with insurance[3:38] nowxxxx

tradingsimon [3:40 PM] yea, sitting on TWM

[3:40] in upper part of pipe[3:41] been in this weeks pipe since last night

eminiwizard [3:49 PM] yes

[3:50] (38kB)

eminiwizard [4:02 PM] nice little drift lower taking out both ends today

[4:02] 9.5 off high[4:02] boyz will be boyz[4:03] 53.25 is xxx[4:03] so support still 52 ish[4:06] (41kB)[4:06] xxxx got it right[4:09] boyz would not let it fall today[4:09] 5 points 5 mins or so[4:09] brutal[4:10] 57/56 buyers pfs by 61/62.5[4:10] afternoon high 62.75[4:10] good night all



Private Video

Pre market thinking and plan


Zeek was wondering where longs would stall on the bounce. 56/58 got violated to the upside, so above that Bulls in control

Mid day video update early morning swings 5 rth DT4$2

suspected the boyz might knock out both ends overnight range. mission accomplished DT4$2