$ES_F Hypo 1 and Globex ATH at 2370 now completed. All laid out in premarket session… done live each day #ES_F #EMWs

RT Deli Look who I ran into in NYC! @Sassy_SPY Cheers everyone!

@RectorRe u welcome Robert, hope it helps

@TheFibDoctor unless they are going to vote in Chicago…

#EMWS at the Open Using 2266.5 as Half gap and immediate resistance $ES_F nice pattern 56.75 as bounce support for now. 52 deeper support

#EMWS Not a plunge, just monthlies taking profits $ES_F

@pipsnticks much appreciated. 456 bounce targets 63 to 65.75 $ES_F PFS by 2364

@pipsnticks that 64 zone should be retest of the break down/ overnight low $ES_F

#EMWS It’s been some climb one tick missing from 2371 target $ES_F To be a rock and not to roll

@ES_F__NQ_F thanks for sharing the patterns and ideas

Video Update regarding #EMWS 2371 Target and risk and reward $ES_F low is likely in for today

@ES_F__NQ_F @AnthonyCrudele Anthony is special and wise beyond his years. 2371 Target achieved Bingo Paid by 2373 if long #EMWS

Thank You

@Cubby_Blu @ES_F_NQ_F @AnthonyCrudele @pipsnticks @bocajoes @RectorRe @TheFibDoctor @DaveL452 Thanks to all much appreciated