Broken Angel

Broken Angel

Consider this.

We are inundated with sales pitches about “how great we are” by Hawkers on every corner in the Bizarre Bazaar of Wall Street.

I will let my Market wizard Trading Room do the talking about our style, methodology, and ability to read the tape.

Then you decide if we are worth considering as worthy of your hard-earned money if you are searching for help with your trading and investing.

Thursday was a key reversal day, leaving us looking for Friday’s continuation move.

The jinx of course was the recent post by a pro suggesting there was a relentless bid under the market.

The sky is the limit, but trees don’t grow to the sky.

No one knows exactly where or when markets will reverse. Flexible traders don’t predict; they react to the changes as they unfold rather than force our view on the market.

We are aware of a wide array of ideas that give us an edge over the casual observer.

It takes time to learn The Emini wizard System. If you are serious about improving your game, it’s worth it.

E TV: A hindsight view of our Live coaching, tape reading and professional analysis.

Bring your own capital, courage, and time for sophisticated trader education.


Manic Momo Monday

Taylor Buy day possible

Squeeze Pivot

News Trading Taylor Day 2

Wednesday 3 pm

IB range

Scene of the crime “I was wrong”


Forty Nine Middle Hit

Forty one test

Join the party wrecking ball trade

Jump in as weak hand

Year Open test

Forty Two Resistance

Aggressive re entry short

Afternoon Grail Trade

Three minute chart

Twenty-Eight and don’t be late

Twenty Three Fifty Low identified

Retest 32 break


Respect from another Pro: Trader Smart

Dennis a pro RT @eminiwizard E TV premie db hidden pivot #EMWS $ES_F

afternoon lows EOD Friday

stops down


“its not just about a one day look, its about how the pieces fit together’ – E 4/9/14

i’ve gotten burned too many times trying to trade like that, very, very aggressive. being in here really helped. similar to AA, there should be a support group for over traders. – JG 4/9/14

agree fully with that best thing I have done is being in this room – I tried his room but could not make it work for me… SR 4/9/14

g’nite guys-you rock team E g’nite E Thanks for your great teaching,and willingness to share,and for the help on Nifty Fifty – SL 4/8/2014

We help committed traders fix their broken wings and enable them to fly.