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Date: June 15, 2018 at 4:23:15 PM EDT
Subject: Hi Dennis, hoping you have a few minutes for some questions.

Hi Dennis,

I have been on twitter of a over a year and you seem like you have a system that helps see the big picture.
The sad part is that I have been trading for 10 years in futures and am basically a breakeven plus trader. I have taken a lot classes, read a lot of books but still have issues trusting my process. So the the big runners are hard to come by.

Here’s my issue, my wife will not allow me to spend anymore money for training.

I have read over your info and like I said I am head smart trading just emotional stupid at times. I don’t make big mistakes just enough not to make a big day. My commissions are about what I make a day 100-150 per day. Losing days are few, but I don’t trade with confidence. For me it’s all about levels and trusting what I see from higher time frames to entry chart.

I use market profile, and volume; mostly cumulative Delta.

So if you have any thoughts or none, please contact me.

Anyway, thank you for your time.


Thanks for your email XXXX.

Let me think about how I can help you.

Your wife has a good sense of balance, especially after seeing you spend ten years with no return.

Consider that as an investment in your future with ideas that lead to break even.

I do not believe markets are random. We have so many tools that we use to define probabilities; but not guarantees.

We can show you the ideas but you need the confidence. That comes from skills that work , and that leads to belief it is possible, which leads to a positive spiral.

My suggestion is simulator trading until you are profitable.

No shame if this business is a dead end for you.

Your relationship with your wife and family is more important than trading, right?

Something needs to change, or you will keep getting the same results.

Do you have a source of income other than trading?
Are you content catching pieces of the swings?
Would you be happy earning a net $200 a day per contract?
Do we agree that time is also valuable, not just money?

Think through this and then see if you believe trading is something you still wish to pursue.

Work it out with your wife, then get back to me if you both agree.

Happy Father’s Day.


“My father gave me the greatest gift

anyone could give another person,

he believed in me.”

– Jim Valvano

“Money Grows Everywhere I plant the Seeds,

as long as I continue to water and nurture them.”

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