Control your Destiny.

Many traders lack the plan, methodology and discipline necessary to become financially independent through trading.

These skills are basic necessities even if you only want to trade or invest part time.

The biggest mistake for some traders?

They believe some “guru” has the answer to their problems. “If only I could find someone who knows where the market is going…”

Perhaps you fall into another group who believes you can do it all by yourself. You know gurus are not the answer, but you secretly doubt yourself. Your results are less than stellar.

Is there a middle ground where you can learn some simple but effective ideas that will change your focus to what really matters?

  • Direct observation of objective criteria generated by the market itself
  • Spreading out risk in different time horizons
  • Leverage winning positions and running away from losing ones
  • Enter the market when it is convenient for your own schedule and not the markets


How much is “enough” for you to enjoy your life?

Make $200 a day? $300? $500? More?

If you will allow me to show you a system that can do this and more, will you focus on it and trust it?

The Emini wizard system is intuitive. Use the tools and develop confidence in making $200 a day.

Its like practicing your 2 foot putts on the golf course. Get confidence in your stroke with the “easy putts”, then move back a few feet and try to maintain your focus on the path to the hole, the speed of the roll, and your intended Target. Not the mechanics of your stroke. (Technical analysis is not enough: what about risk and reward? Psychology? Trapped traders being squeezed? Jams by the PPT?)

Learn from each “putt”, read the greens and then repeat the stroke.

A day trader does this over and over.

A swing trader is trying to play well for a few days.

A weekly trader is attempting to play well within a two to five day period.

A position trader is more concerned about playing for much longer duration, maybe weeks to months or more.


The beauty of this business is we choose what works for us.

What works for the small time frame also works for the larger ones. Day traders get a lot more practice.  Once recognized, the patterns they learn to read can be seen in multiple time frames. Double tops, wedges, Fibonacci extensions.

How is it that we advised “cover all by 1831” this year?

Why did we think high odds reversal at 2134 to 2138?

Why did we say “1438 is support until broken”, and it’s still intact for position traders? How about 1552.5 as a major buy?

Why is 1992.5 to 1982.5 current support? Why was today’s likely initial support 2042 to 2045? T1 today at 2065.25? 68.5 as swing target 6?

Why is the 456 trade one of the most powerful weapons in the swing traders toolbox?


Are you really ready to change your results?

Invest in the Black Friday special.

You wont be able to learn in a day what has taken me 22+ years analyzing markets. It takes time to assimilate the ideas.

“Make measurable progress in reasonable time.” – Jim Rohn

If you learn to make $200 a day, then repeat the process with additional contracts as you become more skillful, you can dramatically increase your results.

Sophisticated traders keep the ball in play. They spread out their risk, rarely going for the long shot.

Find the primary trade.

Avoid low odds trading environments.

Expect to win.

Manage risk.

Stay tuned for the upcoming details.