Choose to believe it's possible
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Music is a form of expression that speaks to our very soul. I play it to relax myself, to find meaning outside my limited views, and because I enjoy it.

I also use it to symbolize ideas in my writing.

When you want to know more about my belief system, review the lyrics and see beyond the superficial nature of the songs.

If it Is in a blog post, it probably is simple but insightful.

If you just focus on the smallest details,

you never get the big picture right.

– Leroy Hood

A reminder to please read and be aware of the CFTC disclaimer posted below.

These videos produced yesterday are typical of those used to help traders learn how to use The Emini wizard System.

Note the conservative approach and focus on specific, objective, actionable criteria.

Traders who choose to take advantage of the summer special or the upcoming Super Bargain E-widget course for $95

are in store for some eye-opening ideas about trading. Even if you don’t currently use NinjaTrader 8 you are receiving tremendous value.

Choose to believe in your ability to grow and prosper.




The fifties

– they seem to have taken place on a sunny afternoon

that asked nothing of you except a drifting

belief in the moment and its power to satisfy.

– Elizabeth Hardwick

Let us help you Usher in a brand new belief system.

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