Head Fakes

Head Fakes

Avoid Trouble.

When confused, go to the sideline and do nothing.

Carve pieces out of the day’s movements. Accept stop outs on our probes. Expect to leave some chips on the table. expect trailers to get hit.

Seek excellence, not perfection.

Today’s elevator was a challenge.  Rabid dog momentum reversal days will try our skills of discipline, emotional control, and money management.


Avoid Trouble

PPT may give us a zinger 48 to 47.5 Primary target hit for swing Traders.

Paid by 45. Buying is a guess, 42 support

Charlie chasing. Snap possible, contra needed. NQ 3831.75 should bounce. Two way day valid risk reward. Paid by 51/52 first swing  long. Too low to short, buy or stand aside. If 55 gets busted, we can go anywhere. Forced to be a buyer.

Y T1 hit at 47 .5 Hit  bounces until it doesn’t work. Angel 46.5

52.75 retest. Reduce expectations. Choppy open.

54 magnet acquired, mini slingshot in play. NQ nailed. Good fortune above 55. Stops up. Waiting to short is losing.

Sling shot 55 to 58 resistance possible. Go anywhere if 58 cant hold. Squeeze trade. Accept stops if trying short. Trail after 55. Any high possible. Cannot average in. Any high available. Shorts be warned. Above 54 is squeeze

Squeeze Pattern. Adjusting thinking now that buyers are in control of  54 squeeze pivot. I think primary done by 58.  62 is possible at lunch. Low is in.

Step by Step

Need a contra, but no evidence yet of a rollover

Rain Line 62 hit. Possible topping in stopped clock resistance zone.

Amazing trade by the Boyz. Contra needed, 54 still squeeze pivot.

If short. done by 58/57


EOD 61 resistance, close 57.5