Ripley Believe it or Not

Believe it or not.

Ripley’s franchise of that name symbolizes our success in the markets, or for that matter, in any endeavor.

I responded to a few recent probes into The Emini wizard system by intelligent and thoughtful traders, doing their due diligence as they should.

It works.


Three Basic Questions often emerge as common denominators.

Can I really make money consistently with your system?

Is there another method I could use that would produce better results?

Aren’t you just another snake-oil salesman like all the other bad experiences I have encountered?

Truthful answers to all three: “I don’t know.”


There are four major time players in the markets. The answer needs to be put into context.

A summary of recent tape reading as evidenced by charts, videos, and posts on twitter.

1822, 1834, and 1847 as potential resistance zones.

We need at least a fifty point pullback.

Uh-oh, Longs left holding the bag. Hit bounces, looking for 1739.5 target. Achieved, caution now shorts. All position shorts cover by 1732/1734.

We need a dead cat bounce.

58 to 62 Targets likely. Retest is stronger than that, so we are still bouncing. Use 88 stop for shorts, buy 58 to 62. Correction is likely over. Targets are once again 1822/ 1834/ 1847 with 85 support.

Profits can always be made in both directions, but one side will usually be easier as higher highs or lower lows are being made.


All the smaller trades fit inside those key ideas.


Can I really make 3 to 4 points a day?

Yes, if you are committed and make trading a priority in your life.

The tools I offer are just that: useful but dependent on the user. A baseball player needs a good bat, yet not every player can use it skillfully. Neither will every swing by the same player yield productive results.

Yet can you imagine a major league player stepping into the batter’s box without any bat what so ever? Or a whiffle ball bat? He would be at the mercy of a pitcher who’s only requirement would be to throw strikes.


Good tools are one part of the equation, and the tools we have available are second to none.

That doesn’t mean your current methods are inferior; different strokes for different folks is ok by me.

There is a systematic approach to trading, and traders who have some capital, discipline, time available, and emotional maturity can regularly find logical, high odds trades every day.

One to two contracts traded daily for 3 to 4 points net profit will conservatively yield a minimum of $200.00 a day.

If the net range for the day is fifteen points coming and going, with a travel range of maybe 20 or 22 points (say seven down and 15 up), four points is catching less than 20% of the move.

Sounds doable to me, how about you?

It don’t matter to me if you think we offer no value. Making our daily bread is a lot simpler once structure and the DNA of the market is understood.


Premarket Trading News

Early IB Range trading 21 test

IB range trading

Conservative looking 33.25

Stretching on the 2 and 10

EOD Extended Targets at T2 being achieved


I cannot speak to other popular methods like market or volume profile, Elliot Wave, etc as I am inexperienced in those methodologies.

Similarly, not sure whether your past failures are rooted in your own psyche, lack of capital, bad timing, discipline issues, or that you really did buy a black box containing snake oil.

Only you can answer those questions.

If you are serious about improving your trading, being brutally honest with yourself is the only way to survive and grow.

Compare the weight of evidence of our ideas extended over time.

Hind sight traders, and only as good as our last call. 🙂


Back to the basic question: Do you believe it is possible?

Without any self-confidence and positive belief in your methods, it is doubtful that you will sustain any lasting success in this business.

Bells, horns, and whistles do not go off at market tops or bottoms. Astute traders recognize significant levels, then attempt to trade one to four of the primary market time frames available inside those tops and bottoms.

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