Broken Wing

11:26 E this is BOM (Beginning of Month) so we have to respect dip buyers have no fear today


rule by committee #EMWS Demon tested 26.25 lunch drive by the BOYZ was key rotation today

11:26 E anything goes with crazy jv team including 25/28 test #EMWS 3:26 advise longs pfs timing make sure paid by 22/25 #EMWS

9:27 E two way likely with wac a mole and a good punch somewhere to shorts 11:20 E dont forget at 3 pm fri price was at 40. Not many traders participated in this short/ perfect set up for bounce

2 ;16 E using 20.25 to22.5 as gap . stops up for 20.25. 20 to 25 resistance zone #EMWS 9:13 E hit bounces, but ultimately drop shorts and dont average in as wac a mole/ slingshot could be painful risk reward tough for short side

Thanked my daughter for sharing this article but said I wasn’t baby sitting her kids at that age

Wac a mole shorts advised pfs by 09 we thought gifts above 16 for longs into 18 #EMWS keep profits if any

stolen range days require patience and singles and doubles thinking #EMWS

Just trying to connect the dots seems like a money maker for the Boyz #EMWS

I also think more weekly options have changed the game, we seem to be getting organized chaos with gaps and 2% swings #EMWS

From No Country for Old Men: Ed Tom Bell: But I think once you quit hearing “sir” and “ma’am,” the rest is soon to foller. Try to add value wherever we can Fox.

We may have thin volume swings in holiday mode this week. JV team only probably . big picture setup 88/ 92 still support until broken #EMWS Thursday’s angel was 99.75

Thank you for taking the time to say that, very much appreciated Fox. Have a great day

ps Don’t forget Saturday’s party with most of the family and friends, then Birthday celebration with niece today. Time to go back to work and get some rest.

I t was special and thanks Daniel. Just posted ss for you and reviewed Zeeks comments. We are blessed to have him share his insights, he was all over the right ideas as usual. #Teamwork

[3:55 PM] Gmann ty you and zeek are so in tune with the market it is pretty cool to observe,

takes a lot of time and experience to understand the “psychotic beast” as you folks

[4:02 PM] edyba ^amen

“Thank You”

from Zeek and Myself -E


A Big Thank You

agree very urself i am a seller and buyer just range trafing rest is just noise rhetoric..

you hv a great style if ppl took a leaf out ur book..They would be trading calmly u guys r awesome

u give so much off ur valuable time 2 ppl ..i say it has it is..a real gentleman extremely polite much respect Sir 😉

Go follow @eminiwizard u will quickly realise he has exceptional skills simple yet effective dyor #ES_F

trading is extremely difficult unl3ss you buy/sell recognised support/resistance has in middle area algos will destroy u

#ES_F be a buyer and seller nvr be a label ie bull bear @eminiwizard is a legend

u will not hear a bad word about him a total Gentleman and a wonderful being

Very much indebted for these kind words by

Silverfox ;))@ES_F__NQ_F