Just Do It

The great aim of education is not knowledge but action. -Herbert Spencer

Reaction – a boat which is going against the current

but which does not prevent the river from flowing on.

– Victor Hugo

The Emini wizard System

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The system comes fully loaded and offers 30 day support. Experience E’s live trading room with others for a minimum of two weeks with videos, VOD, charts, text and commentary.

Morning calls and notes often begin by 7:30 and usually continue even after hours.

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Summer School Special

If you have followed E’s posts on twitter and Facebook, you know he is focused and uses a no-nonsense approach to trading as a business.

As the key dynamics evolve, E posts privately to an Elite group of traders who share his passion for teamwork and education. Before risking our available capital we need to develop a strong foundation in discipline, common sense, money management, risk and reward, odds, and emotional control. Acquiring entry and exit skills by using the market to test our ideas is an expensive proposition.

The Complete Emini wizard system is currently being offered at a huge discount.

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(Sorry, this isn’t an offer to work for the Government.)

New ! The E-widget

Try the E-widget Suite for 30 days and get study time with E


Anyone investing in the Emini wizard system will also be able to see the NEW E-widget in action and receive an opportunity to register for this amazing tool and lock the value in at a discounted rate of $95 per month.

This is currently under development for the NinjaTrader 8 platform. Other platforms will become availble if there is sufficient demand. Quality assurance testing underway.


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Keep it Simple

The E-widget simplifies things. It takes a majority of the studies on the #EMWS spreadsheets and automates the process.

The drudgery of data entry is being replaced by artificial intelligence.

Why not Join the revolution?

Being held captive to an abacus or old school Broker with antiquated tools is like using a handsaw instead of a power saw.

We have the opportunity to run a low expense business from anywhere in the world with an internet connection, a laptop, an arsenal of tools, and some trading capital. Don’t forget a workable system, some time, and common sense.

…lies a body just a oozin’ life

…he forgot to use stops


11:30 PM yesterday neckline test #EMWS ow.ly/S5RG30kyFHT #oldschool

Trade locations, rhythm and dynamics of that neckline break explained in war room for #EMWS ow.ly/nbBW30kyW77 Mack the Knife Trade

time to put the hip boots on when strolling around on twitter… #EMWS

Confluence for the convenient trade idea ow.ly/TtIj30kz2Tx catch a piece of the move going one way or the other. The convenient trade is a reaction trade for those of us who like to sleep at night #EMWS

8:19 E so better odds buy for the 52/55 retest 9:34 E those targets achieved payday for sure if long #EMWS

6:59 E 58 resistance now #EMWS advised longs PFS on any trailers by 58 to 62

9:46 E timing idea pfs by 950 overdone and bouncing, then charlie falls in love long and mack the knife stabs him in heart again ow.ly/jHqF30kz7rT #EMWS 9:49 Daniel only need one good trade a day!

There are NO trades that don’t have risk, but at least we can define our risk #kiss 8:17 AM E if try close eyes and short 55/60 use 62.5 stop #EMWS 10:10 AM E bot traders paid by 48 and trailers a few mins if have it

Latest Post Market Structure ow.ly/aEHZ30kz9Sc #EMWS

10:31 E paid i think good idea by 47.25 if short #EMWS

9:31 AM 65.5 half gap 11:20 E second entry shorts using 62/65 resistance 11:47 E ok primary almost done stop run on shorts 63.5 is primary target, not the 65.5 #EMWS

Wrong Way Charlie thinks education is unnecessary ow.ly/A7uR30kzn42 we all make choices 12:40 E using 54.75 as key for now , xxx 53.45 is the xxx so get a dime off top done well 1:31 E dimes and chimes reminder we suggested hit and run day

8:22 AM E 68 is the key cant take that out, shorts in control stolen range again the problem #EMWS No guarantees in this business, just educated guesses

2:58 E should be paid by 3 pm or 68 to 69.25 if long ow.ly/ln1X30kzsIE #EMWS

3:02 E rain in play all longs if not happy with profits stay long i would think if got to 68 would be happy but guess i am conservative ow.ly/nP9I30kztDd #EMWS wacky moley it is Protect profits and time for a swim

Have a bias toward action – let’s see something happen now.

You can break that big plan into small steps

and take the first step right away.

-Indira Gandhi

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For those viewing E live, support and resistance targets will be demonstrated using The Emini wizard Sytem. Value: You do the math

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Step By Step, Day after Day

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