A Sea of Red

Red Tide

The Knife

Bear finally jumped out the window ow.ly/D3qi30mblhT No rational measure can be applied in crash. keep looking for next support low targets all we can do and pay attention to resistance #EMWS Bloodletting Day in a Sea of Red. 3:54 E easier to hit bounces and go with flow

3:44 E stop 98/02 for any buy that doesnt work, forget it i have learned it is best not to try and guess low #EMWS 3:47 E cannot short here time and price, suicidal

It is likely much needed correction, need to see 2908.25 test, then 2796.25 to 2790.25 hold or uh-oh #EMWS

3:05 PM trail with 32 resistance for any new low like the 18 to 14 to 08 targets
3:08 PM 16.25 is a theoretical target also according to zeek and my work #EMWS

11:20 AM E any day low possible 2:41 PM E cover if any left by 24 can go any low today but that is next logical target 24/22 #EMWS

NQ leaders failing, we have needed this correction for a long time ow.ly/obEo30mbfVV stopped clock short traders who have called for a crash the past 10 years are finally gleeful #EMWS probably will get tons more emails now from gloom and doomers

aug 15 gap at 2827.25 considered closed ow.ly/HeYD30mbeNJ #EMWS
11:33 E hit bounces in crash mode will get 1 or 2 decent bounces, but accept stops try one more time

Seasoned Pro like Bama offers you seats for Free to see Roll tide! you may want to pick his brains

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10:56 E xx shows 46.5 to 37.5 and next xxx big support target is 2832 #EMWS recommended anything below 42 as egregious and careful shorts

10:42 E so legitimate next targets are 47 to 42 #EMWS

10:03 E 51.5 as next support at 51.5 should make sure paid if in this knife #EMWS

9:27 E first res 84 you think e? 9:28 E 81.5 then 83.5 9:30 E longs pay up, then maybe bounce 9:35 E hit bounces 9:45 E gap 63 may be available later bingo 60
all targets hit, now up to trailers only 9:57 E zeek wanted 50’s this week , he got it

8:25 E so 78 first to 76, desc triangle broke 8:27 E i have 75.5 zeek said yest angel as the support 8:33 E pfs if skinnied into it happy here for now by 75.5 with 72 stop for profit taking #EMWS

Lol Tony, my wife. Gotta live a little. Need another after Bosox almost gave it away. Hope all is well

No scars on Tiny Lizards ow.ly/QfqK30matJg #EMWS Roy H Williams on learning through experience

E@eminiwizard Cheers to Drew Brees !

Tues 3:21 E stop 95 for agg shorts get 87/86 be happy if short #EMWS


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11:27 AM Zeek Kudos to E and his system, you are the mad genius who thought all this up

11:27 E Thank you Zeek

This Time it’s Different

The recent clues were there that th market had rejected the 2947, The primary 2930 target, the 2900, and confirmed under 2878.25 today.

Markets change; adapt or die.







We Never Know How Far a Plunge Will Go 

10:47 E undermined 2878.25 so that is key for now

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