There are none so blind as those who will not see

A Murder of Crows


“We The  People”

Why is a group of crows called murders?

Crows often will come together and “decide the capital fate of another crow.”

Another possible origin comes from people who view the “appearance of crows as an omen of death.”

Also, the phrase “murder of crows” comes from a time in history when groups of animals were described in different ways…


J.F.K was murdered, probably by a three letter organization in our own government.

D.J.T. was digitally assassinated, probably by the same bad actors in the Corrupt Deep State.


Eagles Fly Above the Storm

The Price of Freedom

Thank You 

To all of you who have joined my stream and followed my posts, I wish to thank you for your interactions and ideas we shared over many years.

At the present time, I have noticed that there are forces at work against all of us, including many social media platforms likeTwitter and Facebook.

Since when is it ok to censor and shame our duly elected President and go on a continued witch hunt? When is it alright to deplatform counterpoint alternative voices like Parler? Why do we now have two impeachments; an attack on 45 and another on 46?

Civilized debate is healthy and a hallmark of Democracy.

Divide and Conquer

Unity is laughable, and only possible if we now acquiesce and silence our voice and agree with The New World Order. The constant assault on us by “divide and conquer” is in full force. Now it’s the republicans turn to hurl word grenades at the occupant of the White House. Dismantling and crushing the spirit of the supporters of the previous administration seems to be the goal based on the 17 Executive Order actions taken in the first days in office by the new resident. Many of these ill-conceived directives seem designed to provoke conservatives into a hysterical rage.

My belief is it actually goes deeper than that. The end game is to create a police state that is stripping all of us of our Constitutional Rights.

The system is creating a toxic environment that further divides all of us. Step back and observe the events of the past year. The lies, paranoia, fear mongering, deliberate attacks with impunity on not only our freedom, but common sense, law and order, and decency.

We are now in a civil war, and ideology is pitting family and friends into chaos, anger, and hostility. This is not just about Antifa, BLM, and religion.

We have been made to fear one another by Covid, and sheep will shame us for seeking facts. . Stay 6 feet away, wear a mask to cover our smile, dehumanize us by forbidding hugs and kisses and civil interaction.

Many small businesses which traditionally have accounted for 70% of the ecomomy have closed up shop.

Some family members have suggested I need to be re-educated, as if I don’t have the right to think for myself. Experience is the best teacher, if we learn from the lessons of the past by keeping an open mind and constantly adjustng the set of our sails as the winds of information shift. Not as history is rewritten by burning books and deleting our statues and heroes, but by our own internal guidance system.

We know what we know, it’s the blind spots that get us.

We The People

I am trying to deal with the bitterness of the injustices and illegitimacy of the 2020 election. I watched people rant and rage for five years about the past administration, wasting so much time and energy. Social media became the new reality show, and we were all players. I will not play that game anymore with any regularity on platforms that stifle freedom of thought and speech. I wont pretend it didn’t happen. Stepping back from Twitter has helped me, but at a loss of my ability to communicate with other decent people on both sides of the issue. I need more time to heal, but I am convinced the police state is upon us and most people have not recognized that the war is now targeting dissenting opinions under the guise of “domestic terrorists”.

We were fortunate to have Donald J Trump as our President, and I thank him and Melania for their service to our country.

In the end, I hope justice will be served by “We the People” and I will do my part to support that effort.



“Be neither a Bull nor a Bear, but a Seeker of the Truth.” – Alexander Elder


Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness

Thanks to all of you, and best wishes for Happiness, Health, Peace and Joy; but most of all: for Freedom.

“The choice for mankind lies between freedom and happiness and for the great bulk of mankind, happiness is better.”  – George Orwell

“You will own nothing and be happy.” – Klaus Schwab

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