A method to our Madness

Mad Money


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Alexander Elder


“Markets need a fresh supply of losers just as builders of the ancient pyramids

needed a fresh supply of slaves. Losers bring money into the markets,

which is necessary for the prosperity of the trading industry.”


Howard Beale, (Network, 1976)


“I am mad as hell and I am not going to take it anymore.”


When Enough is Enough

Mad Money


One of my favorite authors is Jim Rohn. I remember him saying emotions need to be schooled if we are going to be successful. Easier said than done, but a worthy goal for traders. Going on tilt and revenge trading is the easiest way to blow our accounts. Play the game for the long haul, accepting the trades that don’t work out.

Video Games

Trading is a business, not a video game. Learn  a style that suits us and play it when we have an edge.



Typically there are about three reasonable trades during RTH. The Primary trade, the contra, and the closing swing. Learn to identify these major intraday swings, so that we can expect runners to travel further than a two minute scalp trade.


Headfakes are part of the game. Often in NQ a plunge is hard and fast, then bounces to re-auction the fast move. Often we can do just as well by guessing logical support, and try the trade as a regression trade. Identifying the SOC (scene of the crime) is a must, as it often gets revisited.

Take Action and Manage Risk

Traders need to TAKE ACTION and MANAGE RISK. We need to stop the bleeding fast.



Normally I find the best trades are in the morning prior to lunch. If we get that trade direction right, no need to do anything else. Lunch is choppy many days, and the afternoon can give us another opportunity if we choose to continue playing. I always like to reduce risk in the afternoon. The closing swing can be wild, after 3:45. Normally I prefer to be flat. Sometimes, it is obvious that trapped traders are being squeezed and even conservative traders can get away with taking advantage of someone else’s pain.


A good system will pick up the new contract ideas if we take the time to do our homework. I find it easier to roll my charts, then go through my spreadsheets and update the values. There are no shortcuts if you want to play in the big leagues.


I counsel my real estate buyers with a simple philospophy: Be patient looking for the right opportunity, but move fast when we find it. I think trading is the same: If it’s a good deal, the market will exploit the inefficiency.

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