2486.25 achieved.

Math. spx sequence 1576.5 high, 666.79 low, with 1552.5 called as support until broken. takes out 1576.5 and runs equidistant 2486.25 target

Staying Humble, not bragging. Just explaining my work.


#EMWS 30 globex time rotation ow.ly/D0zb30efxeO $ES_F

agree, but tough trading however we slice it. RR says paid by 75.75 half gap and pp 76.25 if bought the 2’s #EMWS

#EMWS squeeze traders stops up and week hi 78.25 [10:36] hold trailer for 79.25 test if gutsy $ES_F

#EMWS 10:55 and reminder 82/86.25 resistance $ES_F

#EMWS [11:18] target 2486.25 is 3 points away. major target i calculated many moons ago $ES_F PT I remember that well! / stops up to 78

#EMWS 11:26] retest zone if we get is 78 12:31] use 89/92 resistance $ES_F

#EMWS Predictive chart ow.ly/4ArE30egjvd $ES_F advised day trade shorts coverall but last trailers into 74.5 to 74

#EMWS Today’s edge brought to you by Position traders taking profits $ES_F

#EMWS Friday’s gap closed the hard way $ES_F

#EMWS swing traders stops down to 78 $ES_F day traders advised cover trailers into 68 $ES_F 66 next support

#EMWS 2486.25 calculated as major target. When 78/ 80.5 failed to hold on retest late longs got caught. Still need to undo 68 for more $ES_F

#EMWS MATD swing traders watching 56.5 next support for clue $ES_F

#EMWS He may conceal a king in his hand While the memory of it fades ow.ly/PO4V30egPSj #ES_F ow.ly/s4Xc30egPT6

Thank You

@ES_F__NQ_F @DigStic @LongTplexTrader @ObjexinMirror @shemesht @pipsnticks @clayidus @jdextras @TheEnergyTrader thanks to all and good night