"IF": Possibilities vs Probabilities

Trading Underwater?
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Better Late Than Never

Opportunity Cost

Why Re-Invent the Wheel ?

Opportunity is always knocking

We think a good day trader must be able to analyze swing and position ideas, as the Generals move the markets.

Then we can compress the time frames and find many more opportunities. The art of trading is seeing incomplete patterns. 

The Professional Edge

Trading is a Business

Understanding rotations and timing is the key to becoming a Master Day Trader. Markets breathe: they inhale,exhale. We can often play Hit and Run and catch pieces of the moves intraday as the price fluctuates. Identifying the expected type of day is crucial, range or a breakout. Understanding Position and Swing ideas comes first.
  • Understand the OTF reaction zones
  • Every day offers opportunity
  • Learn how how to go from amateur to professional

Teaching to Your level of understanding

I believe a good coach has a system he wants to implement, but each of us has our own personality and unique needs that need to be addressed. One size does not fit all. Thats why traders who came into this session were asked to help me by sharing their current profile.

If anyone wants to join this session already in progress, you will receive a full four weeks of training. Opportunity is still knocking. 


9:46 well i was thinking shorting zone 14875/14890

11:32 14636.75 NRO (Not Ruled Out) today 

3:55 14648/636 support

Sequence Trading

9:45 first test of high is normally a double 9:46 well i was thinking loading  shorting zone 14875/14890 and if cant penetrate 14839.5 coming back up
9:47 if conservative wait a few mins. sometimes they jam then rollover. assuming you like a short with trend, 880 demon test
9:52 double top holds first test. edges are the edge. best odds. when u scared to take it. right? then it goes where u want and u say dang
10:09 es took out ovn low 10:16 14830/39 as agg resistance 10:48 we are testing the mettle of oct 6/8 longs
10:57 14660 low is current visible support hit bounces day 11:20 market could not bust settle so generals wanted risk off
11:21 best advice i can give is accept stop if wrong 11:23 14666 nro, 660 low referring to. lunch time may get profit taking bounce last to leave already lost 143 points
1:30 currently hit 805 mid box. this is a contra for day, week, and month 2:20 14803 stop til broken.
2:33 I hope the ideas are starting to make sense.  confluence of generals and day trading

We Are Unique

Each of our Super Jurors contribute a unique perspective of the markets, allowing us to continually make educated guesses as to “what’s next?”.

Super Jurors

Angels and Demons

Balance of Power Magnets

Combo Systems

Exponential Moving Averages


Flip Flop

Murrey Math

Support, Resistance, and Pivots

Trader’s GPS

The Secret Code

Eighty Eight

“Confidence, tempered with Humility”

-Coach Charles Sylvia

“One thing I dig about your process is that it seems to capture microstructure pivots

and levels much more accurately than anything else I’ve seen.” – TF


Thanks to the traders who joined me in the current session.

I regret that I was unable to convince more aspiring traders that they could really improve their game if they were willing to participate in my Live Trading session.

We actually had about 5 or 6 more traders who indicated they would attend, but they never showed up.

It’s easy to talk a good game, but action is the key as we all know.

To those who who joined this session, I thank you for your belief in me and more importantly, in yourself.

This is a challenging business, and transferring our understanding of the ever evolving markets is simple but not easy.

Serious students who have a bit of capital and some time have been rewarded with a deeper understanding of the things that matter in The Emini wizard System. Price, Pattern, Timing, Psychology, Anticipating, Reacting, Odds and Probability.



“Thank You”


Friday 1020/23

What a week this has been. Thanks E for all of the commentary and insight! – D

Great 1st week E glad you back.  Break was probably good for this eagle to fly…needed and still working on the hard work of being disciplined.  Great system helps – Jr

Thanks E, awesome work this week! Appreciate how much you’re putting into this. Have a nice weekend fellas – TF

E, thank you for conducting this class.  I know it is a lot of work on your part.  Very much appreciate you sharing with us your knowledge and years of experience. I am getting a lot out of this -TF

Video is helpful to clear the mind for the beginning of the morning. Thank you. -D

Thanks to E, I am up $14,000 -S



What We Can Do For You

While trading is a simple business, it’s not easy.  We believe in a confident, methodical approach that minimizes the emotions and focuses on repeatedly executing high odds strategies. Traders who use tools like our E-widget can visually see the important relationships that exist in larger time frames, allowing us to detect precision targets by OTF Traders.

Chat with Traders

Develop relationships with other traders who are learning the Emini wizard System. Share experiences and ideas.

Money Management

We stress this is a business, Risk control and preservation of capital is the key to longevity as a trader.

Conceptual Theory

Learn the basic concepts and underlying principles, plays, patterns, and strategies of successful trading,

Execution is Everything

Analysis is meaningless without taking effective action. Control your emotions and take the trades.

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