air force one

“Life is what happens to us while we are making all our plans” – John Lennon

Hope you enjoyed the fourth of July holiday. Still on a walkabout, after hitting the Trifecta.

Been in an umbrella trade of my own the past week, and uncharacteristically, trading and analyzing the markets has been a distant second on my priority list.

Mom was in the hospital last week, and at 94 and a half years young doing the best she can. She has required a lot more attention and support, and happy here to provide it as best I can.

Tuesday was The trifecta. Triple hernia operation for me 7 am and out by 11 recuperating. Went directly from the hospital to visit my mom and stayed there all day til 6:30 making sure she was ok.

Yesterday was easy, two hour ride to a funeral of a family friend, then 2 hours back home.

We do it because we care about others.

The magnet is 2092.5

I saw the 65ish low on my iphone before taking off yesterday, it looked like a reasonable buy zone with 62.5 stop. 85 should be the main support pivot right now.

Sometimes we get out of synch with our ability to trade and analyze markets. No worries, it will be there when we are ready.

Was at my moms around 8 this morning, just got back to my desk, think I will take a moment to relax today.

I tried not to laugh too hard when FBI let Hilary off the hook, it hurt my stitches. The airplane was on the ground, but it was still friends in high places.

Hope you are enjoying the beautiful summer weather, let’s keep doing the best we can with what we’ve got.

The pilot has turned off the seat belt light, you now may walk around the cabin. You can run if you want, but I am still walking.

#EMWS using 2102 to 2105 resistance now before assaults higher. I think we are destined to test the 2120 zone if this week’s low holds. First of the month bias still.