2688 Broken was a violation

Umbrella Pattern

Goofy Talk

Lol I wasn’t referencing “The” Goofy , apologies to Walt D

Forget another Goofy Sweater for Xmas, why not have your spouse give you the gift of an experience with Eminiwizard ? The gift that keeps on giving ow.ly/q3jg30mUhHg #EMWS ow.ly/Cmbl30mUi1X

3:01 Dont have to buy, but should protect profits if any shorts. Stops down for the 24 target #EMWS

2:10 trail and all u can do as zeek says, 2624 as next support target, paid by 32.25
stop 24 for buy, that gets hit, anything goes. Is this an umbrella trade ?? well is it?
we read it right 2:47 E hidden pivot is 28.5 #EMWS ow.ly/4pjF30mUgP8

“Corrective markets have sharp bounces that rollover. Take stop out and try one more time, don’t be stubborn.” Thursday’s 2714 high never broke. Circuit breaker was needed as today’s trade shows #EMWS ow.ly/IaVN30mUfJp

1: 13 E i could be wrong but i dont think we get repeat of yest close ow.ly/eLWQ30mUetu 1:57 E: 41.75 bingo now 32.25 important as yesterday angel zone #EMWS step by step

I like to add a bit of structure to charts ow.ly/OUcK30mUaQV #EMWS we thought a revisit to the SOC 48/ 43.5 was in order to day as long as 85 resistance held on the break. Why? Trapped longs

11:04 E is this an umbrella trade? ow.ly/BnHZ30mU9Rd #EMWS wrapped up this session with traders today and they were awesome. Big thanks to Zeek for all his help.

yes right now the bust at 2682/85 is important; then 2675.25 and then the 68 IB breakout. all important areas overnight. 2718 resistance #EMWS

8:12 AM Zeek: logical area to short is 2702-2696 #EMWS listen to the voice of experience for an edge.

Latest Post: Day Trading Strategies ow.ly/Sv3H30mTziF #EMWS

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