Bite by Bite

Turkey Trot

Dinner Time

“Grateful for our Blessings”


My cooking is so bad my kids thought Thanksgiving

was to commemorate Pearl Harbor.

 Phyllis Diller

Turkeys are Grateful for Vegetarians

Turkey Trot

Food Coma

In the pursuit of successful trading, we often miss the point.

Too much of a good thing is unhealthy and counterproductive.

The reality is quite different from the water cooler analysis tossed about on Twitter.


Simply put, many of these chartists have no skin in the game. Proudly displaying a multitude of charts across a plethora of trading vehicles, the Turkeys cackle like crows.

Seasoned traders understand the need to focus on doing one thing well: safely cross the road.

Translation: Get our “points” for the day before being stopped out.

Take Action and Manage Risk

Traders need to TAKE ACTION and MANAGE RISK. We need to make decisions with incomplete information.

If you’re a Turkey, hide until after Thanksgiving.

Speed Play

Crawl, walk, trot, run.

Go through the phases of learning how to move sequentially.

Since the Generals move the market, we need to listen to their footprints. 

When they are running, we need to run, and in the same direction as they are.

When they are on holiday, the volume element is missing and we know that most movement is noise and we don’t expect a marathon run.

Step by step.


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