Open House September 4 – 7

9:15- 11:15

Roy, like me, is a Dinosaur.

Can I share my observations with you?

Our obsession with the internet and with our cell phones has led us to believe that we are smarter and wiser than any previous generation.

We quietly assume that anyone over 40 is a dinosaur, and that every famous historical figure was innocently naive. “But they couldn’t help it,” we sympathize, “because they didn’t know everything like we do now.”

We ignore the centuries of experience of previous generations.

We are teaching. But we are not listening.
And those who teach – without listening – share their own preferences as though those preferences were wisdom.

But what do I know? I’m over 40.

Roy H. Williams

Squeeze Pivots are like Toe Holds

Finding a place to get a good grasp of something can be a big challenge.

Especially if we forget to listen.

Bring your questions to our upcoming Open house September 4-7 and we will try to answer them as best we can.

We’ll listen, I promise. Hope you will too.