Thank you

Thank you

Time for a bitter sweet thank you.

We do have to reconcile polar opposites in trading, don’t we?

Do you run a chat room?

I was recently asked this question, and realized just how poorly I have marketed #EMWS, The Emini wizard System.

What a shame.

“Yes. For the past six and one half years I have been using a chat room to teach the system”.

I enjoy teaching and coaching. It is in my blood, having devoted much of my life to that process.

Life is like a ladder; we climb a few steps and try to go higher in our understanding of it. We reach skyward and have someone help pull us up. If we are really a team player, we also reach back and try to pull the next guy or gal up as well.

A special thanks to all those who have reached back or pushed me up to help me.

Thank you to all who follow me and reached out to me exchanging ideas on the markets.

“I feel like I am in a room full of geniuses”. – Karen D

“You guys are great teachers. Are you kidding me? Twenty points. I feel like I am in a prop shop firm.” -Paris T

“You are the best friend I have never met.” -Jason S

Because of your trading room I’ve really gotten my focus back and have been breaking my own records. I’ll always be grateful to you and Zeek for your counsel and dedication!!! -Frank C.

“Goes to show how accurate this system is.” – Zeek


We buried my 95 year old uncle a few weeks ago, and it was a wake up call for me. I will continue to refine and offer the Emini wizard system, but will now offer support through on demand videos and occasionally through live training.

I have thoroughly enjoyed working with the many students who have come through these doors and spent some time with me.

To Zeek, who has been a source of inspiration and a companion for perhaps the past fourteen years, all I can say is you have been a true friend. Though we have never met, I have enjoyed the journey.

To those in the twitter community who have supported me all these years, I am thankful and humbled to have been included in the ranks of some of the most esteemed traders in the business.

This system is for real, and it will help your trading.

Contrary to what you may think, I am not going out to pasture; I cannot think of anything more destructive to us than giving up the quest for knowledge, friendship, and Truth.

The wake up call has made me realize how precious a gift Life really is, and I want to discover more efficient ways to invest my time in sharing my insights. The opportunity to sit with me in the trader’s chat room on a regular basis is now gone.

I remain available to teach the system to you and your colleagues, prop rooms, and institutional traders in a highly focused environment.

Life’s most persistent and urgent question is, ‘What are you doing for others?’ – Martin Luther king, Jr.

I will continue to share as time is available.

Posts made on twitter will be made less frequently and no longer be time stamped.


A humble thank you to all, and best wishes for you and yours.