The Picture of Power

Splash Down

Day Three

The tide has changed a bit.

We have been looking to buy support as first priority for a long time.

Today we noted that we were paying as much attention to resistance as we were to support.

That makes it a more neutral environment in the bigger picture. We went back to September 11 lows today, and this was during a beginning of month bias.

We overshot the Primary low  target of 2881, and the falling stone plummeted through our 78/79 logical test (Prior All -time high 2878.25).

Any day low was available, and finally bottomed at 73.25 where Zeek had guessed we would test.

With profits willing to risk, we used 2870/2871 as support for the profit taking bounce.

Turned out that was the low, and a scorching bounce ensued into the close.

As a rule, Umbrella Trades typically end in a strong bounce.



Profit Taking

Smart sellers took their chips off the table after a solid plunge through most of the lunch trade. The last to leave gave up a substantial portion of their profits today.

Learn to sense when momentum shifts. Just like in sports, we can often sense when mo reverses.

Math is a Four Letter Word

Our Spread Sheet bundle that helps provide the #EMWS Sytem with a Professional Edge

The successful man will profit from his mistakes

and try again in a different way.

– Dale Carnegie

Common Sense


3:35 E get to 85/83.5 a winner #EMWS Use common sense, a system, and capital we can afford to lose. good weekend to all

2:45 E can wait a bit too if want to be conserve give 30 mins more to longs
i think dfd and pool time stop 95 if anyone wants short #EMWS

1:49 E  low is likely in

70/72 support until broken
late lunch contra
late day contra
late week contra

1:32 Zeek lunch short could be taking profits soon 1:49 E low is likely in 2:04 E should test 88/ 89 by time done #EMWS stops up if long

1:21 E zeeks 73.5 is hit 1:23 E u want to buy? must have profits willing to risk
so 70/71 target as agg support need small contra stone soup for lunch #EMWS
1:26 E Scott [11:09 AM] 72-75 the low end of my potential target zone today.
monday scott runs the room

11:18 HD 78 half previous ath Emini wizard [11:18 AM] great post HD #EMWS plan has been to ride trailers, accept stop outs, try again short one more time.If get the 78 target be happy

11:33 E today’s potential targets below that make sense 89.75/ 85.25 then 81
and zeek reminds us dont forget 83.5 11:52 E target 82.5/ 81 possible to knock out 83.5 #EMWS 11:16 E 79 would be the most logical support target

11:01 E stops down and if we get 98 gone, looking at 94 test poss next #EMWS MATD playing out, trailers below 94 for 92 to 90.5 test

anything possible, worry about 03 and 93 first if going step by step and that is your thinking #kiss Big day yesterday doesn’t have to be big day again today. inside day more likely (WRONG)

How about consolidation? Doesn’t have to be either / or (Right, but wrong)

Advised shorts to get paid by 04 to 02 Angel, need trailers beyond that in range trade 10:14 E angel 02 this is fair range trade news instead of stupid bust out new high and rip stops first give me this trade everyday just this one when stops at demon

Simple version of #EMWS Premarket range trade suggested for news trading keep it simple. If had good week, we advised be conservative today

Thurs 3:25 E 95.25 squeeze pivot paid if short by 97 #EMWS our premarket support intact 7:34 E try a few small shorts be wary of big short early
8:17 E longs taking profits all we know ahead of news should get something by 4.5 if short 9:09 E gap players paid prior to open

Nice Weekend to All

Education never ends

Scott [3:16 PM]
Have a good one. TY for all the help.

Zeek 411 [3:19 PM]
everyone have a great weekend

Brian B [3:19 PM]
u2 Z – ty

homedough [3:20 PM]
Yes thank.s Zeek, it is a pleasure listening to your analysis.

Mike [3:33 PM]
nq huge bounce off that low area
see you all monday. have a great weekend.
ty all

JohnH [3:48 PM]
I’ve just learned a lot E ty

Emini wizard [3:48 PM]
u are welcome

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