Dumped and Duped

Umbrellas Up


2:48 E should be pfs longs by 32, don’t forget importance of 98 battle. will post later #EMWS Rotations are important for day trade ideas. Intra day Trend traders usually look to try hitting one last bounce

4:43 E longs scream loudest at highs, shorts bellow at the lows. 100 off yesterday’s 2793/95 resistance #EMWS keep it simple. Bull climbs the stairs , Bear jumps out the window. Linda Blair Head spins: Trade smaller, use options, or sidelines for conservative traders

Recency bias fools a lot of traders ow.ly/KZiG30mRJmI yesterday’s review discussed the 45 point gap also needed to be measured from 2725 low and even 2603 low for proportion ideas (Not to mention 666)

Missed opportunity with Dentist appointment, should send them an invoice ow.ly/2o3T30mRJb5 #EMWS ow.ly/XJja30mRJcr 2698.25 tested yet again

2:01 E 35.25 high is resistance that breaks, then low in #EMWS have appointment will miss closing battle (:

1:45 E expect a bounce 20+ later maybe 18 to 22 target take chunks out of the swings #EMWS 1:58 E can trail now for 25+

there is always opportunity in the market

1:42 E 98/02 logical for profit taking spread out a few locations for buy if guess for contra cover 1/2 by 12.5 if bought trailer for the 15/16 zone #EMWS

Any day low available searching for support … ow.ly/Wwah30mRA8v keep in mind 2698.25 LYH Boyz need to protect or uh-oh

1:19 E 12.5 next support target under 17 #EMWS

7:41 E xxx 2721.25 target these sins will be undone some day. reminder using 93.5 as soc focus on what we can do with today’s range, most important
just like life itself, one day at a time, do our best. 89 magnet for directional bias

Mirror day as chickens come home to roost ow.ly/mDU730mRymR #EMWS ow.ly/Nu0k30mRypJ Santa’s engine fell off , need Elf to help him now

so fading that egregious gap turned out to be a reasonable idea after all #perspective ow.ly/xcgr30mRxEa #EMWS using 2717 as agg support, low of day may be in. 2793/95 still resistance, and made lower low/ lower high techinically

Buckle up, muppets are coming soon to the Twitter Entertainment Industry http://ow.ly/tJ3W30mRNuv

Always opportunity ow.ly/Zd8w30mQX4y Chase your dreams, but let the market come to you #EMWS 1:42 E agg resistance is 93 /95 and key for rest of day. watching for hh and hl or continue making lh and ll #EMWS

Thanks Skylar. Calls are one thing execution is another. I emphasized to roomies the importance of going with the directional flow towards 93.75 but beware of rotation as we approach the target. “why risk 5 points to make 1 more?” deals with the execution factor some ignore #EMWS

Why not, kicking the can down the road again but at least they agreed on something 😂

Latest Post : Market is Done, Done, and Done ow.ly/y2WW30mQRHX #EMWS

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