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Power Special

Proprietary Systems and Solutions

This opportunity is for traders who want to succeed. Would you like to use many of the tools in The Emini wizard System that E uses for 30 days? Trade for a living or as an additional income stream and join a community of students passionate to excel. This introductory package is being offered at a fraction of it’s value, and will help beginners to advanced traders. Our Mantra: Aware, Bias Free, Calm and Confident, Disciplined, Execute with Excellence, Fear Free. Our Style: Simple, Mindset, Algos, Risk Control, Tools. Our Belief: “I am a consistently profitable trader, earning $_____ every day.” Stay in this program as long as you want, with prices frozen as long as you stay invested continuously.

Discord Communication Room

Traders can share real time analysis, education, and commentary in a Discord Room for 24/7 community interaction.

Automated Analysis

Lease included for these powerful NinjaTrader 8 indicators for 30 days. The E-widget, Angels and Demons, and The Balance of Power Indicators with their Proprietary algorithms are easily customizable to your needs. E’s workspace is included to get you up and running immediately.


Some of over 30 of our organized system of repeatable plays and patterns that provide our traders with defensive and offensive strategies will be shared in detail.

Video Review

Video Reviews of analytical ideas, plays and patterns and how to program the indicators to your custom needs.

Choose Your Own Trading Vehicle

In addition to extensive examples using the E-mini SP500 and NQ ( micros too) we will also help traders use the tools for other products like ETF’s, RTY, and basic stocks of their choosing.


Professional Analytical Solutions

Angels and Demons

Institutional signal bars that suggest professional order flow between the highs and lows.

The Balance of Power

Easily visualize one of the most powerful Spreadsheets in The Emini wizard System as an indicator that shows relative strength for Day, Swing, and Position Traders.

The E-widget

An invaluable tool that allows for hands-free analysis in multiple time frames.


Help us Build a Supportive Community

Session Dates

Begin when you are ready, and get 30 days exposure to our system. Do you believe you can beat the odds? We are focused on helping those who believe they can be in the 10% of traders who can succeed and survive the learning curve. This is a very special opportunity at a ridiculously low value, designed to help serious traders who will make a committment to their future. If you will give your attention and keep an open mind throughout the next 30 days you will stack the odds heavily in your favor to survive. The goal is to earn a minimum of two to four NET (ES) points a day for one contract. Gaining experience and confidence, this part time business can grow as you patiently acquire the knowledge, skills, discipline, and capital. As traders begin to understand core trading ideas for the E-mini SP or NQ,  students can then transfer to any tradable security of their choosing. We will also review common indexes like NQ, RTY and stocks of interest. E will help students decipher how to program the indicators for their preferred vehicle

If you are seeking funding from a prop trading firm, E is committed to helping you reduce your risk and acquire competency to pass your evaluation account.


If you are a beginner we recommend using the micros. Open a futures account or join a trader funding package and practice a few weeks on a simulator. I recommend NinjaTrader 8 because you will be able to use the Eminiwizard system immediately. When you are ready to trade live, the low cost rental of their platform makes it ideal to test the waters and see if this business makes sense for you.


Don’t quit your day job. Trading is stressful enough. This is an alternative for those seeking additional cash flow. Whether you are a retiree, a work at home mom, or a college student who loves to play games and is looking for flexible hours, this is an opportunity worth pursuing.

Trader Funding

Why not reduce your risk by trying to get funded with a Prop Firm offering funding to talented traders? There are many trader funding platforms available, and each seems to have their own pros and cons. Some front load the cost, some charge significantly for retrying after failing an evaluation. Some provide tools and training, some are just looking to upsell traders with tools and indicators. We suggest Apex Trader Funding as a starting point, because the cost of entry is minimal when they offer the  80 to 90% discounts. Why not give them a try? The evaluation account comes with free data, free ninja trader platform, and users can practice on a simulator or live (sim).  It’s perfect risk control while you are testing the waters.

Suggested Platform

NinjaTrader 8

We began the development of our sophisticated analytical tools like The E-widget with NinjaTrader 8 because of the siimplicity and robustness of their platform. While we can adapt this methodology to other platforms, why not first give them a try? It’s Free to use for Simulated Trading, perfect while you are learning. If there is enough interest (minimum of 5) in other platforms like Tradestation, Sierra Charts, TOS we will get these indicators coded for your use.

Freedom Special

Value Pricing for this Package

Unbelievable value in this package that includes a lease of 3 proprietary indicators, community interaction in a Discord Room 24/7 ,  video reviews, selected plays and unique patterns. Register for this opportunity that will pull back the curtain on some of E’s most closely guarded secrets that will provide traders a deep understanding of market structure.

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  We are building a community of traders who want to improve and share ideas with others who aspire to become professional and successful.   Donations appreciated and will be used to help offer scholarships up to 50% of an investment in the Eminiwizard System on a first come, first served basis.  
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