The ball was handed off to Wrong Way Charlie early morning during the RTH, and he never did quite figure out how much pain he was in for until the late afternoon dive.

Hopefuly he was smart enough to drop losers fast.

Weak hands.

We did not think it was good value to buy the highs after the now famous “mystery moves” that the Boyz love to build into the action.

My biggest concern?

We were 60 points higher than the mid day low on Friday.

Too much for my taste.

Short or stand aside, looking for hit and run and try for the half gap.

The afternoon trade set up with 58 being rejected, so focus on short side targets.

T2, (the gap), the late gap Friday all targets. Day traders were advised time was running out and we would probably leave some chips on the table.


09:16:31 From Daniel : GM all!
09:21:52 From Dennis Parmelee : hi ll
09:22:12 From Dennis Parmelee : aggressive longs legging off 54.75
09:22:27 From Dennis Parmelee : and shorts waiting for new highs/ double tops
09:22:40 From Dennis Parmelee : risk 2 make 2
09:22:44 From Dennis Parmelee : avoid trouble
09:30:33 From Dennis Parmelee : look for stop runs on shorts b4 any pb
09:31:01 From Zeek Snodgrass : 2652.5 half gap
09:32:19 From Dennis Parmelee : better odds shorting than going long
09:32:35 From Dennis Parmelee : probability is squeeze higher
09:32:47 From Dennis Parmelee : but limited range for the bounce i think
09:40:48 From Zeek Snodgrass : xxxxx
09:41:56 From Zeek Snodgrass : volume is heavy right now
09:42:23 From Zeek Snodgrass : NQ not making new highs
09:43:28 From Zeek Snodgrass : xxxxx
09:44:01 From Zeek Snodgrass : partying like it is 1999

09:44:57 From Dennis Parmelee : pfs by 65

09:46:15 From Zeek Snodgrass : NQ close to globex low
09:46:30 From Zeek Snodgrass : look for news
09:47:37 From Zeek Snodgrass : this could be simple profit taking
09:48:04 From Zeek Snodgrass : easier to tell in hindsight
09:50:00 From Zeek Snodgrass : I htink half gap is achievable and 48.5 my support till broken
09:50:07 From Zeek Snodgrass : News can change all of this
09:50:29 From Zeek Snodgrass : talk that Trump is going to be charged with obstruction of justice for firing Comey
09:51:17 From Zeek Snodgrass : He has every right to hire and fire who he wants in the government, including Mueller who is about a hair away from being dismissed and charged with collusion
09:54:55 From Daniel : xxxxx OCF 53 in your thoughts?
09:55:36 From Zeek Snodgrass : watch for new low NQ
09:56:05 From Zeek Snodgrass : new low NQ

09:56:52 From Daniel : BTW, still working on watching all the videos, AMAZING STUFF!!! Thank you!

09:57:18 From Zeek Snodgrass : If things get crazy to the downside, targtet are 40. 35 xxxxx
09:57:20 From Daniel : they will be watched over and over!!!
09:57:46 From Zeek Snodgrass : I am not saying we will hit any of these targets, just being prepared
09:58:03 From Zeek Snodgrass : There is a war being fought between Trump and FBI
09:58:24 From Zeek Snodgrass : there will be several twists and turns
09:58:36 From Zeek Snodgrass : NQ up only 10 and fading
09:58:43 From Daniel : Possible take out both sides back to middle, Z pattern
09:58:50 From Zeek Snodgrass : cattle prod works on bots jic
10:00:15 From Dennis Parmelee : lol
10:00:25 From Dennis Parmelee : yes possible Daniel
10:00:26 From Zeek Snodgrass : you have to laugh
10:00:51 From Zeek Snodgrass : getting stressed is only going to make you a much less efficient trader
10:01:23 From Zeek Snodgrass : factory orders out
10:01:29 From Zeek Snodgrass : NQ unch
10:01:50 From Zeek Snodgrass : FANG stock being sold
10:02:21 From Zeek Snodgrass : Bitcoin future starts trading on CME Dec 10
10:02:40 From Zeek Snodgrass : NQ never closed gap from last Tuesday
10:02:52 From Zeek Snodgrass : hmmm, crack in the wall?
10:03:15 From Zeek Snodgrass : Pink Floyd in the house?
10:04:33 From Zeek Snodgrass : Fed meeting Dec 13. Policy mistake will occur
10:05:03 From Dennis Parmelee : symmetry from xxxxxx
10:05:15 From Zeek Snodgrass : rollover will limit buying after today as buyers wait for new conract to be the front month in volume
10:05:20 From Dennis Parmelee : xxxxx
10:06:29 From Zeek Snodgrass : 2646 is NQ low from Friday
10:06:41 From Zeek Snodgrass : NQ down 20
10:06:56 From Zeek Snodgrass : bbi 2, new more chips
10:07:23 From Dennis Parmelee : ok
10:07:54 From Dennis Parmelee :xxxx 58.5
10:08:07 From Dennis Parmelee : and opening low
10:08:17 From Dennis Parmelee : 57.5 to 58.5 is pfs
10:09:18 From wei : sorry late, what is half gap today?
10:09:21 From Zeek Snodgrass : Semi conductor stocks getting sold hard
10:11:15 From wei : thx
10:12:47 From Zeek Snodgrass : 56.5 is the agg support. this trip down is 3x thru trade
10:13:18 From Zeek Snodgrass : IBL broken
10:14:15 From Zeek Snodgrass : long way from being reasonable and rational
10:14:25 From Zeek Snodgrass : bots are going to ahve accident soon
10:14:39 From Zeek Snodgrass : 1 tick ll rth
10:14:45 From Zeek Snodgrass : so far
10:15:11 From Zeek Snodgrass : don’t leave active buy orders on the book in case there is news
10:16:44 From Dennis Parmelee : stolen range day
10:18:18 From Zeek Snodgrass : I think it was filled the same day
10:18:33 From Zeek Snodgrass : ty
10:19:01 From Zeek Snodgrass : NQ down 35
10:19:04 From Zeek Snodgrass : new lows
10:19:58 From Zeek Snodgrass : rth demon 60.75 no angel
10:22:13 From Dennis Parmelee : big boyz seexxxxx
10:23:57 From Zeek Snodgrass : looks like NQ sell program done
10:24:04 From Zeek Snodgrass : bouncing fast
10:28:53 From Dennis Parmelee : longs tril for 62+
10:30:33 From Zeek Snodgrass : fake chart?
10:31:01 From Zeek Snodgrass : we have 2-4 more months of trying for xxx
10:31:46 From Zeek Snodgrass : there has been a pattern of news being released bxxxxx
10:32:27 From Zeek Snodgrass : tax cuts will not benifit companes uniformly
10:32:48 From Zeek Snodgrass : most NQ stocks have low marginal tax rate with MSFT being the one exception that I know
10:33:56 From Zeek Snodgrass : I have my fidget spinner up to 30 MPH
10:34:06 From Dennis Parmelee : xxxxx
10:34:53 From Zeek Snodgrass : NQ bounce being hit now
10:35:03 From Zeek Snodgrass : this is like boxing match with Mike Tyson
10:35:31 From Dennis Parmelee : protect your ear then
10:40:34 From Dennis Parmelee : consolidation makes the most sense
10:40:49 From Dennis Parmelee : allowing moving averages to catch up
10:44:59 From wei : can you show moving average?
10:47:34 From Dennis Parmelee : 54.75 hit
10:47:40 From Dennis Parmelee : squeeze pivot
10:47:45 From Dennis Parmelee : plan worked
10:47:57 From Dennis Parmelee : 52 support for buys
10:49:10 From wei : thx
10:53:36 From Zeek Snodgrass : NQ still moving lower
10:54:10 From wei : thx
10:54:11 From Daniel : OCF HIT
10:57:54 From Dennis Parmelee : pfs 50.5
10:58:01 From Dennis Parmelee : and safer 52.5

10:59:16 From Zeek Snodgrass : this system rocks

11:00:08 From Zeek Snodgrass : 49.5 is globex t1
11:00:59 From Zeek Snodgrass : 50.25 is xxx
11:01:26 From Zeek Snodgrass : and IB T2
11:01:50 From Zeek Snodgrass : NQ got within 30 pts of Fri low, not bullish for tech
11:02:05 From Zeek Snodgrass : ES and IWM are trading much more bullish
11:02:05 From Dennis Parmelee : right and 50.25 is thus xxxx
11:02:16 From Dennis Parmelee : and why I said OTF players
11:02:48 From Zeek Snodgrass : after 11am, keep one eye on news
11:04:22 From Zeek Snodgrass : 40 is the critical support of long, below and they could all get stopped out
11:10:02 From Daniel : on a down trend day is the z just backwards, consolidate, take out lo and hi back in the middle?
11:10:22 From Zeek Snodgrass : gap fill still open at 44.5
11:10:23 From Daniel : excuse me, post down trend day

11:10:39 From Zeek Snodgrass : test of 40 not out of the question this afternoon

11:10:46 From Daniel : no just a question
11:11:11 From Daniel : not saying today, just a question
11:17:51 From wei : yes
11:17:58 From wei : great call
11:18:16 From Daniel : owe it to this course, all you E!
11:18:59 From Dennis Parmelee : u bet
11:21:01 From Zeek Snodgrass : 60.75 rth demon xxxx
11:28:00 From Dennis Parmelee : longs paid top of pipe 56.75
11:31:50 From Dennis Parmelee : ocf
11:31:57 From Dennis Parmelee : xxxx
11:32:12 From Dennis Parmelee : i am using 54.5 open today globex
11:32:28 From Dennis Parmelee : xxxx
11:33:44 From Daniel : let me retype my thougth from earlier, believe my typing skills didnt express my question. if we have a trend day down, not today just anyday, the day after, MATD, would it, could it be a reverse Z, hitting the ON Lo first, coming back and taking out the ON Hi and then rturn to the middle? is that a common play??
11:34:40 From Daniel : not common currently as we seem to have 90% up days
11:35:11 From wei : what does matd mean? and ON
11:35:30 From Daniel : morning after trend day
11:35:38 From wei : thx
11:40:30 From Daniel : correct
11:42:24 From Daniel : trap longs and go down, then trap shorts and go mid?
11:43:26 From Daniel : or squeeze shorts then trap longs
11:43:30 From Daniel : right
11:43:47 From Daniel : mess with both sides
11:43:56 From bc : so next question is
11:43:58 From Daniel : robbin both ends
11:44:22 From bc : if friday high holds can we go back up to test this mornings high?
11:45:34 From Dennis Parmelee : yes
11:45:36 From Daniel : could that xxxxx
11:45:44 From Daniel : xxx
11:45:45 From bc : we have accepted the higher prices
11:45:48 From Dennis Parmelee : but i doubt it
11:45:53 From bc : barring any news
11:48:31 From Zeek Snodgrass : 42.75 xxxx
11:49:06 From Daniel : that is what i love about this game, so many possiblities
11:49:34 From Zeek Snodgrass : xxxxx
11:52:02 From Zeek Snodgrass : xxxxxx
11:52:20 From Dennis Parmelee : xxxxx
11:52:24 From Dennis Parmelee : makes sense
11:52:41 From Dennis Parmelee : primary trade done
11:56:21 From wei : why xxxxxx
12:04:49 From Dennis Parmelee : because i used xxxxx
12:04:58 From Dennis Parmelee : so i said 68 resistance
12:05:06 From Dennis Parmelee : xxxxxx
12:05:25 From Dennis Parmelee : taking short walk
12:05:34 From Dennis Parmelee : away from screens a bit
12:22:16 From Zeek Snodgrass : xxxx
12:22:32 From Zeek Snodgrass : xxxxx
12:22:49 From Zeek Snodgrass : Giants coach and GM FIRED….about time
12:23:34 From Zeek Snodgrass : funny how expectations for football teams are rarely right. JEts supposed to be a 3-4 win team. Giants to cntend for superbowl
12:23:38 From Zeek Snodgrass : a lot like trading
12:24:03 From Zeek Snodgrass : what you expect has little to do with how market trades

12:24:16 From Zeek Snodgrass : all we do is take the hints and clues and come up with a trading paln

13:04:10 From Dennis Parmelee : nice zeek
13:09:35 From Dennis Parmelee : preserving videos
13:09:44 From Dennis Parmelee : rebooting zoom in a bit


Afternoon Session

14:00:20 From Dennis Parmelee : market consolidating
14:01:42 From Zeek Snodgrass : back
14:01:53 From Zeek Snodgrass : any meat left on the obne for today?
14:04:03 From Zeek Snodgrass : bone
14:04:51 From Dennis Parmelee : probably
14:05:03 From Dennis Parmelee : chip away south side, hope for a bone
14:05:12 From Dennis Parmelee : regression
14:05:29 From Dennis Parmelee : then careful into the close
14:15:10 From Zeek Snodgrass : xxx rule about to become active
14:15:37 From Dennis Parmelee : ty
14:15:46 From Dennis Parmelee : this is db test
14:16:46 From Zeek Snodgrass : 3x thru trade if you xxxx
14:18:38 From Zeek Snodgrass : there could be an air pocket between 2650 and 2645
14:19:51 From Dennis Parmelee : 50.25 hit
14:20:02 From Dennis Parmelee : your 49.5 t1 next idea
14:26:08 From Zeek Snodgrass : Fri rth demonxxx
14:30:43 From Dennis Parmelee : now we make itxxxx
14:30:52 From Dennis Parmelee : xxxx
14:31:43 From wei : can you tell me what is that pink line underneath?
14:32:01 From Dennis Parmelee : yes
14:32:07 From Dennis Parmelee : the rainline
14:32:34 From wei : can you tell me the definition of rainline?
14:32:59 From Dennis Parmelee : odds say paid ahad of gap
14:48:21 From Dennis Parmelee : T2 is 44.75, the gap zone
14:48:44 From Dennis Parmelee : common sense now says using xxxx
14:56:55 From wei : the left chart is 5 minutes, right?
14:57:32 From Dennis Parmelee : yes
14:58:43 From Zeek Snodgrass : I have to run. 40 is the key support for last hour
14:58:46 From Zeek Snodgrass : dfd
15:01:20 From wei : thx
15:03:32 From Dennis Parmelee : thanks zeek
15:05:30 From Dennis Parmelee : paid by 44.75
15:05:32 From Dennis Parmelee : t2
15:05:37 From Dennis Parmelee : and happy
15:31:17 From Dennis Parmelee : BINGO
15:33:37 From Dennis Parmelee : 42.75 is late close target
16:19:10 From Dennis Parmelee : 37 low, 38.25 close
16:19:26 From Dennis Parmelee : rescue mission by the generals who backed up the train
16:19:34 From Dennis Parmelee : gn


eminiwizard [8:48 PM] (74 kB)

[8:48] xxxxxxx

[8:48] 42.75 late close

[8:48] so xxxx

[8:49] and 50/52 resistance gapped over

[8:49] so xxx next possibility above current frame

[8:50] we are 60 points higher than we were at 1130 friday

[8:50] someone knew something

[8:50] about the tax bill passing

[8:50] and chasers tight stop

[8:51] just a ridiculous market

[8:51] like bitcoin [8:52] (33 kB)

eminiwizard[9:00 PM] (62 kB)

[9:01] 54.75 aggressive support right now


—– Today December 4th, 2017 —–

eminiwizard[7:16 AM] (76 kB)
15 globex

[7:19] (36 kB)

[7:20] careful today Boyz are gouging eyeballs of the shorts

[7:21] weak hand bots in control above 54.75 aggressive support still 7:21] java

Zeek Snodgrass [8:16 AM] gm

[8:17] Multiple victory weekend for Trump and markets

[8:17] passing tax cut bill is the biggest win for everyone, except the citizen tax payer

[8:19] Politically Trumps fake news calims have been proven true. ABC News report of Flynn testifying against Trump are untrue

[8:19] The market selloff was caused by dishonest reporting

[8:20] I expect every lawyer in the country considering filing lawsuits against Disney for market losses resulting from their false reproting

[8:21] The next victory is for Trump and his supports who have clearly stated the Russia collusion theory is not true, just a political hatchet job

[8:23] Well, they are looking to be correct. Teh lead FBI agent was removed 6 months ago for tweets that revealed he i prejuced against Trump and used the now proven to be not credible, Trump dossier as the basis for his investigation

[8:23] He was removed by Mueller 6 months ago

[8:24] Mueller stoned walled all inquires about the removal

[8:24] It appear to me that Mueller is guilty of the some type of cover up

[8:25] I believe in the next month or so he will be fired and the investigation closed for lack of evidence

[8:26] Ron Rothstein who appoint Mueller is going to get the same treatment

[8:26] Then the Clintons and Wasserman Shultz will make political theater for the next 2 years

[8:26] I don’t know if they will be indicted and tried

[8:27] But watch them squirm will be entertaining

[8:27] Now on to the markets

[8:27] we have been consolidating last night’s all inclusive first candle

[8:28] what we had was a knee jerk reaction. late longs in jeopardy of being stopped

[8:28] we made margin new high from last week’s high (5pts)

[8:28] nothing since and more chop than not

[8:29] We still have this week’s first of the month up bias

[8:29] We also have futures rollover Thursday and Friday

[8:29] I like the 4xxx  box that E posted

[8:30] 50-52 support needs a test


eminiwizard[8:31 AM] fantastic comments zeek

Zeek Snodgrass [8:31 AM] 44.5 is gap fill

[8:31] Santa rally started Friday

eminiwizard [8:32 AM] someone knew sumthin

Zeek Snodgrass [8:32 AM] if ABC news retraced the story during market hours, I would think that this the area we would be at

[8:33] I think the bots figured out that the story was not a strong one without the other networks reporting the same facts

[8:33] this WILL NOT be and inside day [8:33] we will have range expansion, probably in both directions

eminiwizard [8:34 AM] what comes first, the chicken or the egg?

[8:36] probably make Charlie (me and u) chase first, then pb

[8:36] (63 kB)

[8:37] so 54.75 is xxx I used last night to suggest agg support

[8:37] and generally +10 off the rth close [8:37] the middle framing shows the 2 day range [8:38] and overnight low is 40 back [8:38] this has been a monstrous move since 11 :30 friday [8:39] so careful thinking too much more [8:39] can squeeze [8:39] but hard to see thm above 68 [8:42] monthly basis 68/71 next [8:42] 58.5 lmh [8:42] today may be limitd oppty


Zeek Snodgrass[9:06 AM] 48.5 is 25% 2 day pb and is support till broken

eminiwizard [9:08 AM] if u play try hit and run

[9:08] squeeze pivot is 54

[9:08] 54.75

[9:08] i think if get a few points today we have done well

[9:10] xxx rule [9:12] zoom

bc [1:42 PM] trying to go back and review previous videos on lunch run page

[1:43] the slack and zoom posts are there in date order but how do I get the videos for that date? [1:43] do I have to go into youtube and get them sequenced in date order? [1:44] thans!

eminiwizard [1:55 PM]


Latest DT4$3 post is available. Semi-sanitized version here Some videos like the 05 low test available in the post.

Its also about the values of the game, so I will take a pass on Tigers who are cheetahs #norespect

X treme push DT4$3 goal post patern

E: 9:22 and shorts waiting for new highs/ double tops E: 09:30 AM look for stop runs on shorts b4 any pb E: 09:44 AM pfs by 65 if long E: 10:58 AM pfs 50.5 and safer 52.5 half gap DT4$3

WW Charlie may have liked buying the open, DT4$3 thought 60 points off 11:30 low on Friday said better odds shorting for a small pullback

suggested to DT4$3 paid into 52 if short, hope for 49.5 and 47 for trailers, good fortune below for T2 T 44.75 near gap

RT @ThePivotBoss Please join me this afternoon at 3:30pm CT for our December Market Outlook! Details:… #pivotboss #stocks #futures

If you got the direction right but left some chips on the table, no worries DT4$3 con men at work, read the #EMWS criminal handbook

O what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive… 30 globex DT4$3