Slingshot day, no doubt about it.

32 support intact, 46.25, 55, 58 all stepping stones.

37.75 and 43.25 held

Over night 45/42 test

42 Test south side overnight


6:30 am 41 low

What me worry?


32 support structure

38.75 warning

60 chart Globex

456w ends at 36.25


Big Boyz Box nearing support

15 Globex 46, 49 identified as resistance

3 Min Globex entry chart, will see the turn faster with the 3

Guessing the 60 Globex is support

48 Breakdown being retested

5 RTH retesting rain line

Respecting 37

Gap closed, 60 chart was right

15 RTH

5 RTH 51 cant break in lunch contra

5 Box Rotation 55 support

5 RTH reversal day

5 RTH 65.75 Target

2 min speed chart

55 support, EOD BOM ramp



reminder 45 /42 next support below the 48 gap $ES_F

In a MBO (multiple break out) we need to consider each breakout. 47.5 is retesting last week’s high and been tough to crack $ES_F

Night to all, hope you had a nice day… til then $ES_F

Next Box retesting prior year high that got beat #EMWS $ES_F

any re entries need to stand on their own for the next zone #EMWS NQ

back later

Get paid 42 again if got it $ES_F

anything below 42 is a gift $ES_F

RT @AndreaTrades: can you share with me a good entry technique? / strut your stuff time, share your ideas with Andrea please $ES_F

Today’s plan with EXACT turning points #EMWS $ES_F

news at 830 , conservative view: make sure paid ahead of it #EMWS $ES_F no gunslinger here

next support 36.25 to 37.75 $ES_F #EMWS using 52 resistance

pivot , resistance and supports S2 is hit #EMWS

The last Big key support $ES_F

RT @eminiwizard: next support 36.25 to 37.75 $ES_F #EMWS using 52 resistance

PFS by 38 $ES_F no thought required just do it

Step by step #EMWS system gives us important levels 39.5 is a .618 so good fortune below $ES_F

60 Globex feel the rhythm $ES_F 🙂

RT @e: Important to hold 2073/2075 or going higher. stay under 58.25 good sign for bears but need to bust 37.75 again and stay under $ES_F

RT @eminiwizard: next support 36.25 to 37.75 $ES_F #EMWS using 52 resistance / cover trailers

willing to leave a few chips on the table below 37

Time and price considered here git ‘er done $ES_F fast up/ fast down no man’s land re auctioning

15 globex umbrella careful of snap back later fibo target 34.75 to 31.5 and be careful this zone $ES_F

Marry Big 60 min and small 3 min $ES_F helps perspective

using 45.75 as half gap/ first key resistance for now $ES_F will take time to dig out

43 aggressive resistance IB Use stops if doesnt work $ES_F

Best trades short were done overnight, anything now is re entry with profits willing to risk $ES_F

I was thinking 42.25 SOC so that 42/43 is a retest ahead of the half gap $ES_F

trail is all above 42, yeehaa buy zone done by 48 $ES_F

This is the beach ball trade. One thing to push it under water, another to keep it there.Getting half gap first hour good sign for bulls

resistance now 52 for re entry day low is likely in. Bulls defense where it should be, warned of snap back $ES_F

symmetry trade, they made SOC 42.25 the RTH mid using that idea for bull bear $ES_F

spread out trades today in different times, save some powder

All present and accounted for, 32 support intact, gap closed, mission accomplished $ES_F snap backs will pop your eyeballs out

spreading out time and price allows for better decisions $ES_F

Gurus who said getting to 2018 today fell for Boyz April Fool trick $ES_F step by step

using 46.25 squeeze pivot as support until broken now $ES_F

too late to be a cheerleader for longs, PFS #EMWS by 58.25 $ES_F

the play is always to jam the stops of the shorts, which means a double top test + 1 tick if Boyz are on their game $ES_F #Pro tip

2 to 3 point stops all we need to ride with the Big Boyz $ES_F not an easy game as gurus will have you believe

Like a pitcher, we study batters to see how to fool them Too late to do homework on the mound $ES_F

15 RTH $ES_F lunch time contra if lucky , got some trapped shorts

RT @eminiwizard: using 45.75 as half gap first key resistance for now $ES_F will take time to dig out // when this gets violated fast, uh-oh

Be brutally honest about reality and not our opinions. Fast move said watch out Generals are jamming. there was no consolidation, V bounce

37.75 today’s Angel 55 the current demon $ES_F

48.75/49.25 IB high test is a tell $ES_F

get below 51.25 got a shot at it $ES_F

RT from March 29 If shorts were in control, 32 should not have been violated $ES_F be flexible / support until broken #position #swing

Above IB high and Boyz still will make shorts squirm Position squaring today this afternoon $ES_F

confidence level: 85% low is in for day; 60% high is in; 100% who cares $ES_F risk small this afternoon if playing $ES_F

RT @PivotBoss: Trading Pros #FF @MrTopStep @FuturesTrader71 @verniman @RenaTrader @e@tomandprisha @marketminute @SunriseTrader @Chicagostock

RT @PivotBoss: doing a Friday session. Join me at 3pm and we’ll talk stocks and futures: #pivotboss / thank u Boss

5 RTH and timing may shift to profit taking $ES_F still have some work to do back and fill, BOM edge to longs

5 RTH and timing may shift to profit taking $ES_F still have some work to do back and fill, BOM edge to longs

watching NQ, the 05 taken out so dtop testing near 10+1 #EMWS pay attention to support in up trends all I know

trapped and stubborn shorts are the fuel for chewing higher $ES_F wont plunge , all stops up if day t long

25% probability 65.75 resistance target behind 62 #EMWS 52 aggressive support now. dont give back 5 to make 2

5 globex $ES_F obey your rules for stop losses. live to fight another day .

risk 2 make 2 and trail this TOD and price Not like buying 37/42 support zone time or price $ES_F

5 RTH $ES_F #EMWS scalp with trend be happy dont worry PFS / stops up by 62, T1 65.75 resistance target

2 minute drill wont plunge, but dont give up gains now being hero #EMWS

@spz_trader I just used simple idea. 1831 low minus 1802 = @ 30 and added to 2043 = 2073 next symmetry resistance target #kiss #EMWS

cookout at 4 pm at Andover pool and I’m grillin’. thanks for posts. Resistance target 65.75 happy trails to all nice weekend Flat here

RT @verniman: @PivotBoss @MrTopStep @FuturesTrader71 @RenaTrader @e @tomandprisha @marketminute @SunriseTrader @Chicagostock / #FF Thanks !!