Seed capital

30 globex pre market

mini ladder

Trading Range defined

The Pipe

PFS by 85 to 82 if short

Tick Index

Angel and Demon Line

5 RTH 75/78/ 82 intact as support inside day

seed capital trade is paid for sure by 88.25 to 87.75 if you used the 94.5 resistance. “Convenient trade” for zzzzz traders #EMWS $ES_F

15 globex chart no spaghetti #EMWS 30 globex for pasta lovers $ES_F

Magnet at 85 cover before it all but trailer if any $ES_F

trailers 84.25 half gap and be happy by 83.25/ 82.5 $ES_F

“probability” is a huge factor in trading along with risk and reward. Great traders size accordingly. Not all trades are created equal $ES_F

news at 10 and 10:30 Flat for news. Being conservative PFS 82.5 $ES_F

@AnthonyCrudele “missed $ better than lost $” Deli $ES_F Generals backing the train up since yest RTH high zone

94.5 was yesterday’s resistance, intact. searching for support primary targets 85 magnet, 83.25/82.5 and gap $ES_F

stay aware of timing now. News coming 10:30 $ES_F sidelines 80.25 angel/ 79.5 key support

90.25 agg resistance target and demon 92.25 thinking small $ES_F

Give market time to play news out then if flat can try and guess next zone for profit taking and react #EMWS $ES_F

RTH Angel 84.25 stops down for gap $ES_F

Better to be lucky than good $ES_F

bingo if get 79.5 $ES_F

Trailers are hailers now longs caught. $ES_F

get paid for sure on the washout, this is gift and needs to be accepted $ES_F

sidelines here. rather miss than play too emotional $ES_F

@LongTplexTrader lol still inside yesterday’s range. hit maybe one or two bounces, cannot be stubborn $ES_F 2 way day likely

using the 85 magnet to help see directional bias $ES_F

Fast moves can retrace substantial range re-auctioning the territory. Dont force anything. $ES_F

I think Boyz are having fun killing over traders wanting too much both sides $ES_F range for now #EMWS

@FuturesTrader71 rollover coming, I was thinking hard to see big positions put on now by the generals $ES_F

I think Boyz want to jam 94 by EOD so plunge was to trap shorts $ES_F PFS for sure if long by 90.25/ 92.25

75/78 zone still intact, so is 92/94 $ES_F great defense so far both sides, will give edge to longs above 85 #EMWS

if scalped short done by 86, may not even get that $ES_F lunch break

resolving the pipe takes time $ES_F keep profits if any. 85 aggressive support, gets beat 82 can get tested #EMWS

still re-auctioning the news speed bars $ES_F defensive inside game today so far #EMWS

Range trading the Angel and Demon $ES_F middle at 86 to 85 if lucky with scalp shorts #EMWS

risk reward terrible now so PFS by 85 if shorted and #kiss #EMWS $ES_F

Tick been somewhat helpful today $ES_F accumulate singles and doubles add up

RT @eminiwizard: Trailers are hailers now longs caught $ES_F // admit when wrong and the sooner the better. shorts from resistance been ok

RT @eminiwizard: I think Boyz want to jam 94 by EOD so plunge was to trap shorts $ES_F PFS for sure if long by 90.25/ 92.25 /half right

lower highs and higher lows all day after minor overnight low break is a tough pattern for risk reward $ES_F

agg support 82 is for profit taking I think $ES_F

cover into 85/86 mid if lucky and leave it be $ES_F

Time for a swim. Hope you had a good day $ES_F

Inside day plays out $ES_F flat top with higher lows for now #EMWS