#EMWS Latest post $ES_F

#EMWS using 2371 as bull bear idea today $ES_F

#EMWS Trailers below T1 67.25 if short $ES_F

#EMWS 60 Globex in control $ES_F

RT krazytoo ES_F Premarket analysis and trade plan set up Mar 7,… #ES_F #EMWS #GC_F Both GC and ES hypos playing out well

#EMWS 30 min RTH pattern showing consolidation and backing and filling of BOM gap $ES_F risk /reward ideas now

#EMWS If bought DB paid by target 72.75 half gap to 73.75 and more is good fortune 60 globex chart on the money $ES_F

Armstrong on our crisis in government

#EMWS if short PFS by 70.75; 68.5 Angel. 74.75 Demon held first test $ES_F

@Cubby_Blu thank you. He is very opinionated, no doubt. He also thinks outside the box and is a refreshing change to current media bias

@Cubby_Blu thank you for respectfully agreeing to disagree. That’s refreshing and appreciated. Not about trump / Hillary but deeper problems

@Cubby_Blu Thank you, and I appreciate that. People first, politics not worth ruining relationships. Mature response, Bravo.

Angels and Demons #EMWS nowhere day $ES_F

#EMWS target 64.5 is achieved and better take it and run $ES_F

#EMWS 60 Chart a beauty today $ES_F

#EMWS Just got back from dinner with friends, I thought this 59.5 was tomorrow’s target $ES_F

@Cubby_Blu thank you. The least I could do for your integrity and spirit of goodwill

@RectorRe thank you Robert. check out the #EMWS big boy chart I just posted, see it step by step. note the neckline break EOD $ES_F

@CapitalEdgeNY Awesome. keep it simple and then have a few charts with a bit more info we can absorb without being confused

Shoutout a big thanks to @HamzeiAnalytics for a fabulous webinar today with the Admiral. Top notch and insightful for serious traders

Thank You

@CapitalEdgeNY @Cubby_Blu @onefourdroopy @jdextras @RectorRe @Jersey_Drew @11cjh11 @LewBowman @Brasil61 @krazytoo @jedimarkus77 thanks to all