RT @eminiwizard: that’s what makes horse races #EMWS Daily chart using 78/82 support until broken $ES_F

#EMWS Symmetry: interesting how Friday’s close is currently today’s middle $ES_F

@WatermanLXXIII easier to move it overnight, but I didn’t expect it to fly like this while I was sleeping $ES_F

RT @TheFibDoctor: $TF_F Beginning today, E-Mini Russel 2000 = $50 point, not $100.

RT @WSJ: 93% of retirees feel their life is as good or better than when they retired. But it’s not because of money:

#EMWS Using the 2209.75 to 2215.75 resistance zone for today. Agg support at 95.75 $ES_F Payday for sure if long by 2209

@Childhood I dont think so…

Easier trade for robots & arm chair analysts than traders this morning at the open let trapped shorts pay up first

RT @AnthonyCrudele: Really excited for this interview! @steenbab #FuturesRadio / should be awesome

#EMWS short scalpers Paid by 2101.5 $ES_F below is good fortune

#EMWS 5 RTH Back and fill had best odds after IB $ES_F

Thank You

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