Losers wanted.

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Pre market video Neutral bias, but I prefer long with 42 support. Aggressive support 42, 54 as resistance target.


Friday June 26, 2014

2:55:06 pm T A there is no better teacher than Mr E, how good of a student can I become

3:01:39 pm T A you quadruple nailed it today

3:01:53 pm E: thank u


no chest thumpin here. just reading the tape, anticipating the trades #EMWS $ES_F Cohiba time Pay the price and then you will gain an edge. #EMWS No shortcuts. E – 6/26/2014


E TV (video) Pre market , Trader psychology , best odds trade half gap and gap  #EMWS $ES_F

The Professional Edge #EMWS $ES_F 52.75 to 55 as targets today. Thank u Boyz


End Of Day


Other videos from friday

Pre market

Psychology at the LOD pre market

The Open Gap Trade Resistance

Shorts Turn  42 still ok

Stop runs in megaphone pattern wac a mole


Squeeze coming


Bingo  52.75 Hit



Thursday’s Notes

edge today sell 52 and buy 37 1 to 2 point risk #EMWS $ES_F #kiss

E TV (video) Today’s open warts and all and little competition for world cup #EMWS $ES_F

Pareto 90/10 rule Primary trade was done in first 30 minutes. Miss that and fight for crumbs for 2 hrs. #EMWS