Thoughts are things

Programming our mental computer


Cubby: “Self sabotage is real for me, yrs of therapy and I’m still not sure exactly why. But I know, if there’s something bothering me, need to get something done, or feel badly about something I’ve done/said, stressed etc. If I don’t deal w/it, it can & will come out in my trading.”

E:”The real you is a winner. Believe in yourself and see yourself taking congruent action one day at a time. No different than reading a putt and tattooing the path to the hole in your mind. Build on small victories Blu”

Cubby: Many thanks E, you’re right of course. I’m appreciative and grateful for the advice and the kind words. Have a great night.

Professional Insights

Sharing ideas that work with traders for two weeks and for less than a point a week.

Predictive Model

Odds change drastically as we approach the top and bottom of a day’s expected range of boxes. Custom code your colors and favorite setups. Buy and sell options at the edges.

Simple Idea

Find the rhythm, anticipate where rotations are likely to occur, and repeat often daily.

Why make it more complicated than that?

The prior all time high 2878.5 was tested, and held for now with a retest of the new ATH.

The #EMWS focuses on (uncommon) common sense.

It is quite probable that many traders fail because of their pride and ego.

Automating The Professional Edge