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“Day Traders look for the inside swings, which are framed by the OTF players who work off yearly, monthly weekly, and swing charts. The Emini wzard system is consistent in our approach to resolving ranges. Simple is better, but not easy.”

Finding the chart in play helps with timing ideas http://ow.ly/VokC30mkHuZ #EMWS

nice range day so far ow.ly/Uov430mkBbY #EMWS ow.ly/xojA30mkBfQ we have had some fun working off @TraderSmarts challenge for his poll ow.ly/GiSs30mkBwq hidden gem was video available in last nights post for inquisitive traders

7:19 E support still 45/50 7:23 E paid for sure 2781.25 #EMWS ow.ly/bn0F30mkrsF re entry shorts 53.25 all day angel

Hidden gems are found by those who search for gold, not those who wait for it to show up on their doorstep ow.ly/UwAK30mk7zT #EMWS early morning thoughts posted in live trading room for subscribers

Resolving Ranges ow.ly/8kx530mjP3g #EMWS

Latest Post: The Short Game ow.ly/D9YB30mjD6Y #EMWS keep it simple. Reminder Live Trading room available starting tomorrow for interested traders ow.ly/gzB730mjDk6

Past is prologue, and bots have made markets somewhat even more predictable. History may not repeat, but it certainly rhymes, because markets reflect human emotions that remain constant : fear and greed. Look for completion targets and exhaustion areas

Yakkity yak

In the old days we used graph paper and journaled on our charts our notations. Slide rules and straight edges have given way to more  sophisticated tools. Wenstill need to see relationships and make decisions, but today’s technology is great.

My self talk and teaching traders is my updated version of my journal, and it is priceless. The more I share, the better my instincts get honed.

I hope it’s helping you as well.


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